As the latest legal battle of the trouble-prone actress Lindsay Lohan on her shoplifting charges began, the focus of the public has completely shifted to the white dress the Hollywood starlet wore to court. From questions on its appropriateness to reports on the Kimberly Ovitz mini-dress selling out following her sensational appearance, the media is buzzing with details on LiLo's super-snug and super-short white dress.

The 24-year-old actress flaunted her body in a mini-dress topped off with Chanel sunglasses and black patent leather pumps at her arraignment on charges that she stole a $2500 diamond necklace from a jewelry store near Venice Beach.

According to TMZ, Lohan consciously chose her solid WHITE dress to symbolize her innocence. However, her attempt at exuding innocence and purity would have gone a lot better if the dress did not look as if it was painted on and if it was not as short as it was, according to the readers' comments on several news websites.

Meanwhile, retailers of the 'Glavis' design from Ovitz's pre-Fall collection have reported that the super snug number, at a retail price of $575, has sold out. While fashion media outlets such as Signature 9 are trying to confirm if the dress has really been sold out, few publications raised a grave question through polls. Was Lindsay Lohan's dress appropriate for court? People asked its readers. In its Style and Beauty section, US Magazine also put an identical question to the people, Was Lindsay Lohan's outfit inappropriate?

Another probing question came from Howard Stern, the controversial radio personality/ humorist/ television host/ author/ actor. Was Lindsay Lohan wearing panties under her Sharon Stone 'Basic Instinct' dress at Wednesday's court appearance?

Sharon Stone is famous for the 'Basic Instinct' scene, in which the actress crosses and uncrosses her legs in a white mini dress revealing she was wearing no underwear.

So, Howard Stern wasn't the first to compare Lindsay Lohan's outfit to Sharon Stone's famous Basic Instinct interrogation room dress, but he was probably the first major media star to ask out loud, the Examiner observed.

LiLo has time and again proved that to her the court room is nothing but another place to show-off her bald and sometimes outrageous style statements. In July, Lindsay appeared in court with 'f*ck u' scrawled on top of her middle finger.