Four hackers who are believed to be associated with Anonymous and LulzSec were released on bail from a London courthouse following a hearing on Wednesday.

Peter David Gibson, 22, Ashley Rhodes, 26, Christopher Weatherhead, 20, and a 17-year-old student - were released on bail after the hearing at Westminster magistrates court on Wednesday morning, the UK's Guardian reported.

The four have been separately charged with conspiracy to carry out an unauthorized act in relation to a computer. They were arrested earlier this year by police investigating online attacks by the hactivist groups Anonymous and LulzSec.

The four males have been banned from using online nicknames after they showed up in court charged with attacks connected to Anonymous and LulzSec.

Bail conditions ban them from using specific online nicknames on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Guardian reports stated that Gibson, from Hartlepool, is banned from using the name Peter on the internet. Weatherhead, from Northampton, is prohibited from using Nerdo; Rhodes, from Kennington, south London, cannot use NikonElite, and the 17-year-old, from Chester, is also banned from using his online nickname.

The four are also banned from using Internet relay chat, the online forums where Anonymous members allegedly coordinated many of the attacks.

The hacking groups have  attacked major corporations and the U.S. government.