The latest rumors surrounding Apple's iPad 3 suggest that any hopes of the product hitting the shelves in January may well be dismissed. In fact, a fresh report on Thursday seems to squelch claims of the device being released anytime in early 2012.

According to Jim Dalrymple, a well-sourced Apple commentator, the above rumors ring completely false.

I checked with a number of my sources today and an iPad 3 is not planned for release at Macworld, said Dalrymple on Thursday, on The Loop's Web site. Macworld's former Editor at Large went on to say the iTV would also not make its rumored appearance.

The former Editor at Large of MacWorld went on to say that neither the tablet nor another anticipated device, the iTV, will make an appearance at Macworld or CES. Apple has declined to comment on his statements, Dalrymple added.

Dalrymple's latest post was in response to a widely circulated report published on Wednesday by Taiwanese tech-news Web site DigiTimes, who claimed the Cupertino-based company were unveiling two versions of the iPad at the iWorld conference, scheduled for Jan. 26.

The report was, generally, met with skepticism as Apple usually avoids trade shows, preferring to hold its own high-profile events for product announcements and launches.

The iPad 3 remains one of the company's most successful products and the new version is one of the most highly anticipated tech products of 2012. However, confirmation of long-running speculations on the device's design and specs will, it seems, have to wait until Apple does actually launch the tablet.