Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing transgender Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova, has received a crude offer from pageant owner Donald Trump -- The Apprentice host will show Allred a picture of himself naked as a baby -- if she pays him enough.

I think Gloria would be very, very impressed, Trump said to TMZ in a phone interview.

The gossip site insinuated Trump was talking about his penis, although it's unclear whether The Donals was talking about his genitals. TMZ's Harvey Levin asked Trump if he would show Allred pictures of himself naked as a baby.

I may do that, Trump said. I just want to know how much Gloria will pay me because if the payment is enough i might just do it.

Allred held a news conference yesterday with Talackova, 23, in which the attorney slammed Trump for disqualifying the transgendered beauty from the competition. The Donald later reversed course and will allow Talackova to compete.

Based on the law, she can compete if she wants to, Trump told TMZ.

Allred said Talackova, born a man, is a woman and has every right to compete in Miss Universe. She produced Talackova's driver's license and birth certificate as proof.

She did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man or to see photos of his birth to view his anatomy to prove that he was male, Allred said of her client.

It was that remark that led Trump to go on the attack against Allred.

TMZ stretched the phone call a bit, reporting that Donald's chat about baby pictures was a reference to his private parts, if Gloria's willing to pay the right price.

Twitter users would rather believe Trump was not talking about his private parts.

I would have been okay if Donald Trump's genitals were not mentioned today at all, said @iboudreau.

Twitter user Rober Cordes said Trump should get over himself.

Donald Trump says Gloria Allred would be blown away by his penis. Hold the ego Donald, the only thing she wants in ur pants is ur wallet, he said.