Yes, Google+ is growing fast, reaching 25 million users in just more than a month, making it the fastest growing Web site ever, according to a new comScore report.

For Google, that's good news, since the company has a lot riding both in terms of financial and credibility investment with its new social network, designed to become the "next big thing."

After all, Facebook took three years to reach 25 million users.

It took Twitter 30 months to get there.

But those were the days before 120 million people walked around with an iPhone. Those were the days when social media was in its infancy. Those the days when before millions of people had tablets.

The recent explosive growth in mobile devices gets a nod for recent fast growth in social networking. Most every Web site that has a decent platform is growing fast these days, so while its impressive Google+ has reached 25 million users in such a short time, becoming the fastest growing Web site ever, it's not exactly shocking.

Google's is one of the world's largest technology companies and it didn't embark upon this social network endeavor without designs of winning. With Facebook having more than 750 million users, 25 million still remains only a drop in the proverbial bucket in comparison.

Most telling for Google+ will be how those users are engaging with its site in comparison with Facebook. The key for success is for the property to become as addictive and compelling if not necessary for daily life -- at least in user perceptions -- like Facebook has become. Also, Google wants Google+ to be more than just a social network.

The company wants socialization through e-engagement on its site to serve a higher purpose, if you will. Google wants Google+ to be more than a vanity platform, and a connectivity tool. Google wants Google+ to spur commerce, among businesses and business people.

Thus far, average time spent on Google+ has been less impressive than its rapid growth in users. A report in late July noted that average time on Google+ fell in the fourth week of the social network's field test launch by almost 10 percent. With Facebook, millions of users stay virtually connected all the time, moving from laptops to smartphones with endless sign-in.

They don't seem to be able to turn it off, or look away. But Google+ has not developed that same user addiction level at this point it appears.

Still, there are plusses already lining up for Google+. Social network stalwart Ford Motor Company is among several corporations getting an early jump with Google+. The company said it had already determined how to use Google+ differently than Facebook, which is a positive sign for Google.

There's room for two social networks, one way or another. The rapid user growth for Google+ suggests its here to stay. Whether it eventually topples Facebook as some have suggested is another question altogether.

At this point, Google+ is on the move, but Facebook's status as the world's leading social network appears safe.

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