Recently Google unveiled its latest venture, Project Glass, showcasing eyeglasses that will allow users to interact with their environments. The search engine giant launched a video demonstrating how the futuristic eyewear will work, but no expected release date has been revealed to the public.

However, one computer savvy hacker has managed to create his own version of the wearable technology. Augmented reality designer Will Powell has come up with a pair of goggles capable of performing the same tasks as the upcoming Google Glasses, according to Android Authority.

Powell created a video to showcase the functions of his newly developed device, performing some of the same functions seen in the demonstration by Google. The web designer used voice activation to check the weather, take a photo, checking schedules and more.

The video was not edited or manipulated in any way, according to Powell who is seen sporting the head-mounted gadget. The headset is composed of a variety of hardware, including Vuzix glasses, HD webcams and a mic headset, reported Android news site. Adobe Air software is used to perform the functions, with Dragon Naturally Speaking handling voice commands.

But Powell isn't the only one creating variations of Google's upcoming project. According Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, rivalries may already be brewing reported Android Authority.

In a letter to investors, the analyst said that Project Glass already has competitors working on similar initiatives to improve consumer's mobility around Internet access. There was no word on who the competitors are or what these rival gadgets will include.

Check out the video below to see what Powell has come up with so far.