Google is said to be overhauling its Chrome browser that could see the axing of its URL bar and support for multiple user profiles.

There are a number of UI / frontend efforts under way, Conceivably Tech reported citing Google's Jeff Chang.

Google is said to be working on four types of navigation - classic, compact, sidetab and touchscreen. Though, the search giant is interested in developing all the four versions, it is reported that it is focusing more on the classic and compact navigation versions.

Compact navigation is considered to be the most significant change in the chrome browser that calls for the removal of the two line navigation layout, which currently has tabs on top and the navigation buttons, menu and URL bar below.

The report also stated that Google may be providing an option for users to open multiple chrome windows and apply different users to them. In other words, the move lets a user to sign into different Google accounts in parallel and use them at the same time.