New villains continue to pop up on Fox’s Batman prequel “Gotham,” but Theo Galavan (James Frain) is the most powerful bad guy at the moment. However, that might soon change as Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is starting to figure Theo out. The lines were drawn Monday in Season 2, episode 7, titled "Mommy's Little Monster," and the fight for Gotham City is about to get bigger than ever.

Butch (Drew Powell) leads Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) to the warehouse downtown where Penguin's mother Gertrude (Carol Kane) is being held. But it's a trap, as Theo and Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas) are there waiting for Penguin. Butch betrays Penguin and shoots his men because Tabitha was able to fix Butch’s mind so he no longer has to follow Penguin’s every command.

Penguin begs Theo to let his mother go and Theo eventually gives in. However, as they let her go, Tabitha stabs Gertrude in the back and she dies in Penguin's arms. Theo orders Butch to kill Penguin and Penguin mocks Theo, saying he doesn’t have the guts to do it himself. Theo goes to kill Penguin, but Penguin rips the knife out of his mother’s back and slices Theo before he escapes.

Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), meanwhile, wakes up in the aftermath of accidentally killing Ms. Kringle (Chelsea Spack) and sees his dark alter ego standing there. His dark side took control of Nygma and hid Ms. Kringle’s body while leaving a riddle for Nygma to find the body at the Gotham City Police Department.

Theo goes to see Capt. Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) along with Harvey Dent (Nicholas D'Agosto) with a warrant for Penguin’s arrest and claims Penguin tried again to kill him. Gordon doesn’t think it sounds right and is starting to pick up on Theo.

After searching everywhere in the GCPD based on the riddle he left for himself that said look for Ms. Kringle's initials, Nygma discovers the vending machine is the answer. He hits the selection for KK several times until her hand shows up, which he quickly removes from the machine. In her hand he finds another riddle while his dark side stands behind him. The dark alter ego says he’s trying to get Nygma to see how much fun riddles are and who he really is. The next clue is a hint involving the medical examiner’s lab.

Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) get a tip that Butch has his own crew now and has left Penguin, so they decide to check it out. While on a stakeout, Gordon tells Bullock he believes Theo is behind all of the mayhem in the city and that he orchestrated every move to get himself into his position as mayor. Bullock finds it hard to believe and thinks it's crazy, even by Gotham standards.

They make their move inside a restaurant to see Butch to get answers about Penguin. Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) shows up and demands everyone get out of the restaurant within a minute or get shot. Gordon handcuffs Butch to a pole and Butch tells him everything that Theo ordered Penguin to do. Sixty seconds pass and Zsasz and his men open fire on the restaurant while Gordon and Bullock fire back. After the gunfire stops they discover Butch was able to get away after removing his fake hand.

Penguin Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) looks to avenge his mother's murder in "Gotham" episode 7. Photo: Fox

Nygma is searching the medical examiner room and finds Ms. Kringle's body in the morgue. While looking at her body, Lee (Morena Baccarin) walks in. Nygma is extremely nervous at first, and Lee starts to get suspicious when he won’t let her near the body. He tells her he was hoping to run into her because he’s having problems with Ms. Kringle. The two talk and agree to go get coffee and Nygma puts the body back.

Penguin wants Theo dead, so his men crash Theo’s victory party, despite the GCPD providing security. When Penguin and his men arrive outside, Gordon tells the security team to hold their fire, but an unknown shooter, Tabitha, fires at Penguin and he appears to go down, but it turns out Penguin outsmarted them all. He had all his men dress up and walk like him so no one can tell who the real Penguin is.

The men break into the party and a battle breaks out between the police and Penguin’s crew. Gordon tries to get Theo out of the party a back way, but Penguin hears it on the police radio. He meets Gordon and Theo near the car and tells Gordon to step away from Theo. Theo demands Gordon shoot Penguin, but Penguin says if Gordon kills him he’ll never know what Theo’s real intentions are and it concerns someone Gordon cares about.

Tabitha fires at Penguin from the roof and hits him in the shoulder. Penguin is able to get into Theo’s car and drive away, while Gordon and Bullock shoot at the car to stop him. Gordon comes face to face with Theo and tells him he’s going to stop what’s going on in Gotham, starting with him.

Nygma later returns to the medical examiner’s lab and embraces the dark side of himself. He’s starting to enjoy the rush of what he did and what he would’ve had to do to Lee if she discovered the body. He then grabs a saw and goes to further cut up Ms. Kringle’s body.

Other Major Moments From Episode 7

  • Bruce’s (David Mazouz) old and new love interests came face to face when Selina (Camren Bicondova) and Silver (Natalie Alyn Lind) meet. Selina can see right through Silver and tries to warn Bruce about her, but he doesn’t listen because Selina hurt him. Selina later sees Bruce share a first kiss with Silver, who intends to have Bruce wrapped around her finger on Theo’s orders.
  • Theo reveals more of his plans for Bruce. He wants to get Bruce to trust him to the point where Bruce will sign Wayne Enterprises over to him.