Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie, left) and Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue, right) try to stop a family of arsonists from burning down buildings on "Gotham" episode 5. Fox

Theo Galavan (James Frain) has been on a quest for power ever since he stepped foot into Gotham City on Fox's pre-Batman drama “Gotham.” Theo's reasons for wanting chaos and control of the city may actually be rooted in a family feud that started hundreds of years ago, as shown in episode 5, titled “Scarification.

Theo thanks Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) for his help, but refuses to say the two are friends/partners. Penguin wants his mother released, but promises to still do Theo's bidding. He even says he knows Theo is boss now, but Theo tells him no and to wait for further instructions.

Capt. Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis), Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) raid Penguin's count house, where he keeps his money along with their strike force. During the raid they're almost taken out by a rocket launcher, and Barnes wants to know where they got it. Gordon tells him there's a place called the Merc, which is like a Walmart loaded with heavy weapons. Barnes decides they’re going to raid the Merc next.

Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas) goes to Penguin with a list of places she wants him to burn to the ground. Penguin says he just has to find a trustworthy arsonist, while Tabitha slides him something in a case that he'll need. Butch (Drew Powell) goes to see Selina (Camren Bicondova) because she knows the Pike brothers, who are notorious arsonists and can vouch for him. Thanks to Selina's help, the Pike brothers agree to do the job, while Selina sees her old friend Bridgit Pike (Michelle Veintimilla).

Evan Pike (Noah Robbins) is shopping for more napalm and decides to steal from the Merc. Just as he goes to grab more, the GCPD shows up for their raid. Noah takes off and Barnes and Gordon run him down into a dead end. Noah goes to pull his gun on Barnes and Gordon, but the two shoot him; Gordon’s bullet hits the napalm Noah had stashed in his pants and he blows up. Following the loss of Noah, Joe Pike (Leo Fitzpatrick) promotes Bridgit to Noah’s job even though she doesn't want to be part of the family business.

The Pikes go to the first building they have to burn down and Bridgit sets up the explosives. She then lights the fuse to the explosives, but Joe has her go to a safe first. She opens up the silver case Tabitha passed along that has an eyeball in it belonging to Sid Bunderslaw (Michael Potts) of Wayne Enterprises. She uses the eyeball to open the safe, takes an old knife that’s stored there and drops down a ventilation shaft to escape. However, she burns her leg in the process as she flees the scene with the two Pikes to their next locations.

Joe Pike
Joe Pike (Leo Fitzpatrick) burns down buildings owned by Wayne Enterprises on "Gotham" episode 5. Fox

Penguin learns from longtime Gotham City resident Edwige (Mary Joy) that the knife the Pikes retrieved was once used to cut off the hand of Caleb Dumas (Bryan Howard Conner) by the Wayne family after he tried to court Celestine Wayne (Sophie Lee Morris) away from her suitor decades ago. The Waynes decided to destroy the Dumas family socially and wiped any memory of them from the city. She reveals the Dumas family even changed their name after the ordeal -- to Galavan.

Gordon and Bullock discover five buildings were burned overnight, all belonging to Wayne Enterprises. They decide to stake out a possible sixth location that night, the old Gotham book depository.

Penguin now understands Galavan's weakness and knows he's in a blood feud with the Wayne family. In a play to get his mother back, he tells Butch to go to Galavan looking for a job because he believes Penguin went crazy. Once Butch is on the inside, he's to rescue Penguin's mother. Butch doesn't think Galavan will buy the idea, but Penguin takes a page out of the Wayne book and chops off Butch's hand because this will tug at Galavan’s personal vendetta.

The Pikes go to burn the book depository, but Gordon and Bullock are there waiting. Bridgit gets out of the Pikes' van with her new fireproof suit and a flamethrower. She shoots off flames to keep Gordon and Bullock back and burns Officer Luke Garrett (Lenny Platt). As Gordon goes to help Garrett, Bridgit is able to escape thanks to help from Selina, who was watching from a fire escape. Garrett ends up dying, and Barnes swears they will use every legal way possible to hunt down his killer.

When Theo returns home, he finds a man named Father Creel (Ron Rifkin). Creel appears to be part of the Dumas family, and Theo shows him the knife they now have in their possession. Creel asks if he took the Wayne boy yet, but Theo says there are a still a few moves that have to be played. Creel says Gotham will be cleansed in blood and Bruce Wayne will die.

Other Major Moments From Episode 5

  • Gordon and Lee (Morena Baccarin) host a double date with Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) and Ms. Kringle (Chelsea Spack). Lee notices a strange confidence about Nygma, who tops off the evening with a toast made up of a riddle hinting at the villain he'll eventually become.
  • Theo wants Gordon to endorse him as he runs for mayor. Gordon at first says no because he doesn't want to get involved in politics. However, after Garrett is killed, Gordon decides to do it after Theo promises to support the GCPD as they try to clean up the city. But who knows what Theo's true intentions are.