Hacker group LulzSec, previously in the news for posting hoax Tupac story on PBS’s website, has announced they will continue to attack Sony’s online networks, a report on The Escapist said.

The group previously claimed hacking Sony BMG’s Greek website and more recently the PBS website where they said Tupac Shakur, the deceased rapper, is still alive and residing in New Zealand.

The warning reached Sony even before the group compromised the PBS site. The group made a Twitter post on May 27 that this was “the beginning of the end for Sony Corporation.

Naming the project ‘Sownage’, the group said they would start their operation from May 31 and renewed the earlier post later by saying the operation had already started and they have been partially successful till date. The group added they were compromising Sony’s internal assets which the company failed to notice.

The original assaults against Sony were said to be a reaction to the company suing hacker George Hotz and then dealing with him in an out of court settlement.