The apocalypse is near on NBC's "Heroes Reborn" and battles will be fought, sacrifices will be made, but can humanity be saved? It will be up to Claire Bennet's (Hayden Panettiere) children Tommy (Robbie Kay) and Malina (Danika Yarosh) when the mini-series hero drama returns from hiatus in January.

Although Tommy was saved by Miko (Kiki Sukezane) at the end of episode 10, the promo video for the final three Season 1 episodes reveals Tommy will once again see Erica Kravid (Rya Kihlstedt). Erica will be trying to stop Tommy from fulfilling his destiny of saving the world.

Tommy will have to use his ability to travel through space and time to save the world. In the promo, he says he has to go back to to a time where can save someone and change it all. Is Tommy trying to save his grandfather Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) who was grabbed by a time traveler just as Malina was stopping a powerful storm? Malina will also be looking for her grandfather along with Luke (Zachary Levi), who saved Malina from a group of people who hated evos.

The video comes to a close with Tommy sitting in a chair at Renautas with the time bridge between the present and the past reopened. Erica says to Tommy, "You can't run away from your true destiny." If Tommy's true destiny is to save the world, then this will eventually be bad news for Erica.

When "Heroes Reborn" episode 11 airs on Jan. 7, 2016 the battle at Sunstone Manor is expected to continue. In the fall finale, Carlos (Ryan Guzman) and Farah (Nazneen Contractor) teamed up with Taylor (Eve Harlow), the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) and other Hero Truthers to rescue Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) and stop Renautas. An army of Harris Prime (Clé Bennett) clones stand in their way, but will they be able to stop Harris and his clones? The promo video teases that the gang might get some help from Miko.

Miko's old friend Ren (Toru Uchikado) was given a message by Hachiro Otomo (Hiro Kanagawa) to find a way to get to the future to save Miko, who needs his help. Ren was last seen heading to Renautas and he has to find a way to get to Odessa, Texas.

Watch the promo video for the three episodes below:

"Heroes Reborn" returns with episode 11 Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016, at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.