Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) has been looking for answers for what happened to his daughter Claire (Hayden Panettiere) on NBC's “Heroes Reborn.” At the end of episode 6, he was transported by Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) back to June 13, the day of the terrorist attack and Claire’s death. Noah learned what he had wiped from his mind and how his daughter died in episode 7, titled “June 13 - Part 1.

Bennet and Hiro are at the Unity Summit in Odessa, Texas, three hours before the bombs explode, killing thousands. They have very little time to find the bombs and save Claire. Bennet wants to call in a bomb threat but Hiro said they need to find the smallest thread and change it and can’t change fate because it will have a major impact on the future. While Bennet goes to find Claire, the past version of himself arrives at the summit.

Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose) has Mohinder Suresh (Sendhill Ramamurthy) meet her in her car and she reveals to him that Erica (Rya Khilstedt) plans on letting billions of people die in the extinction event that’s supposed to wipe out humanity in a year. Mohinder doesn’t believe her because he works for Erica and she and Renautas have been funding his research. Angela warns him that Erica has killed his research team and she plans on killing him as well.

Erica is shown with Phoebe (Aislinn Paul) in the past and plans to get her to use her darkness power to cover the entire evo summit so no one will be able to use their powers. She has also changed the security plan Bennet made for the summit because she plans on using clones of Harris (Clé Bennett) to serve as bombs.

Erica has Bennet taken into custody after he refuses to work with her against evos. While she did this, the Bennet from the past was hidden in a room with Hiro behind a bookcase in his office. Bennet goes to pursue his past self, but Hiro stops him and the two run into Angela.

Angela tells Bennet that Claire has been rushed from the summit to the hospital, after her appearance at the summit was kept low-key on Bennet’s orders. Bennet goes with Angela, while Hiro stays to try and stop the bombs.

Mohinder runs into Molly (Francesca Eastwood) and gives her his research as Harris tells Mohinder that Erica wants to see him. Erica then tells Mohinder of her change of plans and she neutralizes Mohinder and has Harris take him away.

Hiro and Harris Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka, left) fights Harris Prime (Clé Bennett, right) on "Heroes Reborn" episode 7. Photo: Sophie Giraud/NBC

Harris goes to kill Mohinder in an underground parking garage, but Hiro shows up. After a brief fight, Hiro kills Harris with two swords, but it turns out it was just a clone. Several more Harris clones show up and Mohinder and Hiro split up. Hiro stops time and goes to see what happens in the future if he does. He decides it would change the future too much and decides to simply disappear from the fight.

At the hospital, a nurse who’s Tommy’s (Robbie Kay) mother Anne Clark (Krista Bridges) tells Bennet and Angela that they did everything they can to save Claire, but she died giving birth to her two children. Bennet and Angela meet their two grandchildren and Angela says the kids will do great things as she’s seen their future. Bennet doesn’t understand how Claire didn’t heal and he wants to see Claire’s body to know for himself that she’s truly dead.

Bennet goes to Claire’s body and although her face is never shown, she is really dead. Hiro returns to his side and tells Bennet he’s sorry they couldn’t save her and that he couldn’t stop the bombs. If Hiro stopped the Harris clones with bombs tied to them it would’ve made the future worse.

Hiro goes to take Bennet back to the future, but his power isn’t working. Phoebe has cast her darkness over the summit, halting all the evos powers. The bombs go off as Mohinder realizes the Harris clones are bombs and June 13 happens again.

A year from June 13, 2014, Angela says is when the extinction will occur and only Claire’s children can stop it. Noah realizes he made himself forget what he learned in the hospital that day about the children. Bennet has Angela and Hiro take the baby’s back to the past to 1999 to be raised and to hide them from Erica.

Before they go they name the babies since Claire never got to. In a shocking twist, Angela names the boy Nathan and Noah names the girl Malina (Danika Yarosh). Malina and Nathan, aka Tommy, are actually Claire’s two children.

Other Major Moments From Episode 6:

  • Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne (Judi Shekoni) are at the summit with their son Dennis. Dennis gets hurt every time he’s in the sun and Luke believes evo’s powers might be able to help his son. Following the explosion, their son is missing.
  • In the past, Hiro is shown talking to Hachiro Otomo (Hiro Kanagawa) about the Evernow video game. Hachiro tells Hiro that Erica wants him to use his power to help her. Hiro tells Hachiro he won’t use his power anymore to change the past. Hachiro then locks Hiro into the Evernow video game.
  • The man following Tommy all season long is actually on Bennet’s side, which is why he looks after Tommy. The man betrayed Erica’s orders to wipe Bennet’s mind and instead broke him out of Renautas custody.
  • At the hospital, the Bennet from the past spotted the Bennet who came back to the future. He follows his future self as he pursuits Erica through the hospital hallways. In the final moments of the episode, future Bennet is shown ready to shoot Erica with his gun, but his past self goes to stop him.