The Evos are starting to understand they may have a higher purpose on NBC's “Heroes Reborn.” Each one took steps toward the path of saving the world in episode 4, “The Needs Of Many.”

Episode 4 picks up right after Tommy’s (Robbie Kay) crash as he and his mother Anne (Krista Bridges) sit in an overturned car. Tommy uses his power to teleport out of the car and he uses his power to see his mother to a hospital, where a nurse finds her lying on the ground.

In the Arctic Circle, viewers are introduced to Farah (Nazneen Contractor) the invisible woman who is with Malina (Danika Yarosh). Malina and Farah decide it’s time to head south after they see are area covered with frozen butterflies. Malina unfreezes all the butterflies and it’s revealed a part of her power is bringing things back to life.

Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) and Quentin (Henry Zebrowski) are trying to find a way into the Renautas research lab. The two of them grab Taylor (Eve Harlow) at gunpoint to try to get information from her. Noah tells Taylor her mother Erica (Rya Kihlstedt) is lying to her. He asks her not to betray her mother, but to question her. Taylor goes to see her mother and learns they’re rounding up Evos to save their species.

Jose (Lucius Hoyos) uses his ability to go through objects to fix a car in his father’s auto body shop. Carlos (Ryan Guzman) sees all the repairs he made and gets the idea it would be the perfect car for El Vengador. It just needs some Kevlar and bulletproof glass.

Tommy finds out Anne is going to survive, but she needs a blood transfusion and the hospital is having a hard time finding type O-negative blood. Tommy agrees to let them test his blood, but Emily warns him they could discover he’s an Evo after seeing his blood. Anne is all Tommy has so he knows he has to do it.

Erica have been searching for Malina and Farah says they have to fight them back. The two have made it to Canada, where Malina makes a tree grow out from under snow when a man walks by. He goes to call the police, but Farah goes invisible and knocks him out.

Luke Luke (Zachary Levi) is slowly learning how to control his new-found power on "Heroes Reborn," episode 4. Photo: John Medland/NBC

Carlos makes some upgrades to the El Vengador suit giving himself more armor and strength. Carlos wants to don the mask because he wants to believe in something bigger than him. Capt. Dearing (Dylan Bruce) will be looking for him after their fight in episode 3, but Carlos will try to find him first.

Carlos finishes up work on the car and decides to take it for a test spin, but leaves Jose behind. While Carlos is out, Jose discovers El Vengador’s underground lair. Father Mauricio (Carlos Lacamara) arrives at the garage and finds Jose with the mask. When he does, Dearing shows up and captures both of them.

Tommy finds out he isn’t a blood match to his mother and the closest match is in Indiana so it will take time to get to the hospital. Tommy decides to transport there to get it and he takes Emily (Gatlin Green) with him. He gives the blood to a nurse, who tells Tommy he has to run because his name went to a federal list and they know he’s an Evo. He goes to run, but runs into agents who say if he tries to teleport they’ll take the blood away from his mother.

Taylor decides to help Noah and Quentin find Molly. After a brief standoff with some of Harris’ (Cle Bennett) clones, they discover a large room filled with Evos attached to machines.

Noah says he once knew a man who could harvest people’s power through their brains -- a nod to Sylar (Zachary Quinto) from the original “Heroes” -- but Noah thinks Erika has found another way. Noah finds Molly there and she says Noah should have never found her. She believes he should forget the past and save the future. Molly says she was there when Claire (Hayden Panettiere) died June 13. She tells Noah she won’t Erica kill 7 billion people and Molly then takes her own life by shooting herself in the head.

Harris tells Erika that Molly is dead after she got a gun from Noah, who was helped by Taylor. Erika wants to know if Epic is still up but only local tracking works, which means it can only pick up Evos within 100 feet. Erika wants Harris to find Malina and kill her and says to take along the Shadow, who is Quentin’s long-lost sister.

Other Major Moments From Episode 4

  • Miko (Kiki Sukezane) continued her mission to save her father with Ren (Kiki Sukezane). The two took a plane to Renautas headquarters in America to try and get the sword back. Ren helped set up a distraction in front of Renautas telling fans of Evernow to go there dressed as Katana Girl. The episode comes to a close with Miko and Ren among the fans.
  • Luke (Zachary Levi) continues to try to understand his newfound power. He’s able to absorb the sun's energy and use that heat to create fire or use his hands to make water boil. He’s tired of going around killing Evos with his wife Joanne (Judi Shekoni) and in their travels he shows her his power. Joanne is shocked by this and leaves her beloved husband just because he’s an Evo.
  • There was a cool moment where colorful lights appeared in the sky and each hero was shown looking up at them. Eventually, they are all going to have a role to play in saving the world along with Malina, even if some don’t know it yet.