Episode 1 of "Heroes Reborn" aired on NBC on Thursday, Sept. 24, marking the first airing of the show since "Heroes" went off the air five years ago. Find out what happened to the superhumans and meet a few new faces in our recap of the top 13 moments in the two-episode premiere, "Brave New World"/"Odessa."

1. Terror Attack In Odessa, Texas

Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) hasn't spoken to his daughter Claire (Hayden Panettiere) since she revealed to the world that she had superpowers that allowed her to heal after any injury. Bennet wants to make peace with his daughter, so he goes to a summit for evos (evolved humans) on June 13 held by his old company Primatech. While he and thousands of evos are there, the entire scene goes black and it's followed by a massive explosion. The explosion kills many and it's believed to be a terrorist attack caused by an evo. Bennet believes Claire was killed in the explosion.

2. Luke and Joanne Collins, Evo Hunters

Luke (Zachary Levi) and his wife Joanne (Judith Shekoni) were at the Evo Summit on June 13 with their 9-year-old son. Their son was killed in the explosion and the two have sworn vengeance on evos for taking their son away from them. Luke and Joanne crash a secret meeting of evos in Chicago, where they come together to talk about what they can do in a world where they're being hunted. Luke pulls out a gun, as Joanne comes running into the meeting and they take out several evos, including one with superspeed, another that shoots fire from his body and another who can go invisible. They kill all of them, except for one, a boy named Tommy (Robbie Kay), who left the meeting early. Luke and Joanne burn the place down on their way out. 

3. Miko and Evernow

In Japan, Miko (Kiki Sukezane) is visited by a master gamer, Ren Shimosawa (Toru Uchikado), who says he got her address after unlocking it in a video game he played called Evernow. He later realizes she resembles a secret character in the game Katana Girl and she even has the same backstory as the character – like the character, Miko's father is missing. Ren tells Miko that Katana Girl gets her power from a sword she finds under the floor in her father's study. Miko goes into her father's study, finds the sword under the floor and is transported into the video game, where she is a master warrior.

4. Carlos and El Vengador

After returning home from war, Carlos Gutierrez (Ryan Guzman) is looked at as a hero, but he believes he's a fraud. His little brother Jose (Lucius Hoyos) looks up to him, while he doesn't get along with his brother Oscar. It turns out Oscar is an evo who uses his powers to go around as a vigilante in a Mexican wrestler mask known as El Vengador. One night El Vengador tries to save a woman he believes is being attacked by thugs, but she turns around and shoots him in the stomach.

Carlos shows up at his brother's car shop and finds Oscar there bleeding out from the gunshot wound to the stomach. Carlos finds the mask and realizes who his brother was. In his dying breaths, Oscar asks Carlos to take over for him and finish the work he started in response to the terrorist attack. Although he's not for the idea at first, Carlos starts looking for answers as to who killed his brother and may don the mask in the near future. 

5. The Return Of The Haitian

Bennet discovers he's being tailed by a man named Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski), who believes there's more to the June 13 terrorist attack than people know. Quentin said Bennet might know what happened, but his memory may have been altered. After going through his old Primatech belongings, he finds a business card that leads him to a doctor's office. When he's there he realizes something is wrong about the place and the receptionist pulls a gun on him. She's then told to stand down by a familiar face, the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis).

The Haitian tells Bennet to meet him across the street, but when he does he then tries to kill Bennet by choking him from behind. The two continue to struggle when Bennet's gun goes off, shooting the Haitian in the chest. The Haitian says he made Bennet forget what happened and Bennet asked that he try to kill him if he ever returns. Unfortunately, Bennet's old friend dies from the gun shot before he can say what he made Bennet forget. 

6. Bennet Teams Up With A Truther

When he notices he's being followed, Bennet calls the police on Quentin and has him arrested. Bennet bails Quentin out of jail because he wants to know how and why he survived the explosion in Odessa and why he didn’t save Claire. He decides to join Quentin and find Molly Walker to try to learn why the organization Renautas would be framing and disappearing evolved humans.

Quentin and Bennet Quentin (Henry Zebrowski, left) and Bennet (Jack Coleman) search for answers as to what really happened on June 13 in Odessa, Texas, on "Heroes Reborn." Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

7. Tommy's Disappearing Act

While applying for a job at Moe's, an ice cream shop, with the girl he's crushing on, Emily (Gatlin Green), Tommy spots Luke sitting at a table. Luke was able to track Tommy down because he dropped a card to Moe's at the evo meeting. Joanne comes back to the table, and they take Tommy outside Moe's at gunpoint. Emily follows Tommy out and when she gets outside she sees Joanne is holding a gun on Tommy. Joanne goes to shoot Emily when Tommy puts his hands on Luke and Joanne and the two disappear. Tommy runs away from Moe's, but Emily follows him home and thanks him for saving her life and says his secret is safe with her.

8. Molly Walker Gets Hustled

Bennet and Quentin are in search of Molly (Francesca Eastwood), who can find any evo in the world. Molly is on the run and is looking to get her hands on some money. She sees an evo cheating in a game of craps and decides to flirt with him after she sees him winning big. She threatens to tell the bar he used his powers to cheat, unless he hands over his winnings to her. He attacks her and the fight breaks out into the hallway, where two people passing by stop the gambler. A woman named Taylor comes to Molly's aid, but it turns out she was working with the gambler to find Molly and they plan on turning her over to an organization, likely Renautas.

9. Luke And Joanne Escape Renautas

Luke and Joanne ended up trapped in an underground room Tommy was in as a child, which is several feet beneath the terrorist attack site. Luke figures out they're in some sort of observation room that's meant to look like a child's bedroom. He breaks through the glass of the room and the two are able to escape. However, as they walk through the Renautas facility they learn they're not alone. The two then do what they do best and shoot their way out of the facility, killing a few workers and stealing Bennet's car to escape in the process. 

10. Claire Might Be Alive

While looking for documents that could lead them to Molly, Bennet and Quentin find a list of evos who were not present at the summit the day of the terrorist attack. On the list it said Claire was not in attendance that day. Could Claire be alive after all? Quentin also revealed to Bennet that he was so interested in finding out what happened on June 13 because he's looking for his sister who was an evo that was taken away years ago. The two will try to find answers about their loved ones together and not keep secrets from one another. 

11. The Secret To Tommy's Power

Earlier in the episode, Tommy made a flower disappear for Emily so she could feel what the power is like. The two are hanging out in Moe's when Emily opens up an ice cream tub and she finds the flower inside it. Tommy says he thought of ice cream when he made the flower disappear because it's where he first saw Emily. Emily and Tommy then figure out that when Tommy makes things disappear they go to whatever place he's thinking about at the time.

12. Miko The Warrior

While in the video game, Miko discovers her father is being held prisoner there. She tries to free him, but gets knocked out in the process and he gets sucked up to the Yamagato Tower. She asks Ren to use his video game skills to help her get to the tower and re-enters the video game.

While in the tower, she's surrounded by guards in the lobby and begins to put the sword away in its holder to bring her back to reality. When she does, she ends up being in the actual tower. Luckily for her, her fighting skills from the game carried over to the real world and she's able to fight off every guard, clearing out the lobby by herself.

13. Mystery Man Watching Tommy

Throughout the premiere, a mystery man played by Pruitt Taylor Vince has been watching over Tommy. When the building with the evos burns down and a witness tries to pin Tommy to it, the man shows the witness a penny and it erases his memory. He pulls the same trick when Emily's boyfriend, Brad (Jake Manley), tries to blackmail Tommy into making his stepfather disappear after he caught Tommy using his power with Emily. The man made Brad's stepfather disappear, but Brad think it's Tommy who did it. Who is this man and why is he helping Tommy?