iPhone 7 release date discussion has spiked thanks to new details from 9to5Mac. Apple’s new iPhone could come out as late as Sept. 23, according to a recent retail schedule.

This development arrives amid speculation that the device could be officially unveiled during a private event on Sept. 7. Following Apple’s past habits, many tech analysts assumed that a finished product would be on store shelves just two weeks later on Sept. 16. However, it looks like the Cupertino kids may be shirking tradition for their next big mobile iteration

The hard evidence comes in the form of a leaked Merchandise Reset schedule for AT&T retail stores. Per the document, major changes are set to take place Sept. 9 and Sept. 23. While there are no direct mentions of the iPhone 7 release date to be found, the data still lines up with recent rumors. Hypothetically, posters and promotional materials could be placed in stores on Sept. 9, with a full device launch Sept. 23. There’s absolutely no reference to the previous Sept. 16 estimate here.

These details should still be classified as rumors, but the fact that they’re at least partially backed up by retailer notes makes them appear to be accurate. Especially as the launch date gets closer, all speculation generally starts to become more viable.

When the iPhone 7 does release, it’s believed to feature a redesigned home button, a dual-lens camera system for larger-size models and improved water resistance. Possibly most controversial of all, however, is the widely documented removal of the standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

Will the iPhone 7 release Sept. 23? Are you surprised by the date? Tell us in the comments section!