Although the release of Apple Inc.’s upcoming iPhone 7 is months away, rumors and speculation related to the device continue to pour in. Among various reports saying that the next-generation version of Apple’s flagship smartphone is likely to include only minor exterior design changes, a new leak has suggested that the iPhone 7 will perhaps receive the largest battery upgrade in the smartphone line’s history.

According to reliable tech leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, with the Twitter handle @OnLeaks, the iPhone 7 could include a significantly larger battery than the one featured in the current iPhone 6s. Citing a source close to him, Hemmerstoffer said that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will feature a 1,960 mAh battery, which will be a 14 percent jump in battery capacity over iPhone 6s’ 1,715 mAh battery.

The largest iPhone battery upgrade that Apple has made so far was from iPhone 5s (1,560 mAh) to iPhone 6 (1,810 mAh). However, this increment of 250 mAh was reportedly made to accommodate the jump from a 4-inch to a 4.7-inch display, rather than to support any increase in battery life.

Apple also faced criticism last year when it used a lower capacity battery in its upgrade to iPhone 6s (1,715 mAh) from iPhone 6 (1,810 mAh). Although the iPhone 6s’ battery life managed to match that of the iPhone 6, thanks to the A9 chipset, Apple likely wants to avoid more criticism because of its choice of battery this time around, if Hemmerstoffer's information is to be believed.

In addition to a larger battery, Apple could also improve the iPhone 7’s battery life through software optimization, coupled with the more efficient A10 chipset, which is expected to power the next iPhone.

If true, how has Apple managed to accommodate the larger battery inside the iPhone 7? The ongoing rumor of the removal of the headphone jack — there could be some internal overhaul too — may provide the answer.

A video of an alleged iPhone 7 casing, which surfaced online Thursday, also suggested that the upcoming smartphone may not have a headphone jack, leaving more space for other components to be featured. With no headphone jack, the California tech giant is also expected to be able to improve the water resistance of the iPhone 7.

Earlier this week, a series of leaked photos revealed the front, side and back of a dummy iPhone model. The mock-up of Apple’s next-generation 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus includes design features, such as a dual-lens iSight camera, a Smart Connector and tweaked antenna lines.