The iPhone 5 is one of the most eagerly awaited devices this year. With rivals like Samsung gaining a foothold in other parts of the world, Apple’s expected launch of iPhone 5 in the U.S. market this September will not be an unchallenged one.

Here, however, are the reasons why iPhone 5 will be the best selling smartphone.

Marketing: Marketing is very important in building customer relationships as well as creating product awareness. This is one of Apple’s many strongholds. The company, as soon as it announces about the launch of a new device, it takes to the airwaves describing the device and showcasing the finer points. As the customers get excited, the product becomes an instant hit. The iPhone 5 will enjoy the same advantage.

For a company to grow, marketing is the vehicle.

Device Specifications: iPhone 4, previously, enjoyed immense popularity among customers although there were other smartphones in the market which came up with better specifications showing better processor, RAM and battery than iPhone 4. The rumors that are circling the iPhone 5 suggest a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, an 8 MP dual-LED rear camera, a possible 1 GB RAM (Apple is known to upgrade its device’s RAM with every release) and improved battery life.

Sales Strategy: The iPhone, to date, has become the best selling smartphone. No other smartphone in the market has been able to interrupt the sale and popularity of an iPhone. A previous rumor said that Apple has contracted with a manufacturing company to build 15 million iPhone 5 units. There are very few chances that the upcoming iPhone 5 won’t sell exceedingly well. In case of Apple, history always repeats itself.

Apple’s App Store: In case you didn’t know, the term app has become a popular buzzword. In January 2011, app was awarded the honor of being 2010's Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society.

As of May 2011, Apple had approved its 500,000th app, 37 percent of all apps were made free with the average price $3.64. At early July 2011, around 200 million iOS users had downloaded over 15 billion apps from its App Store. Apple’s users have grabbed apps by the billions and Android Market has been steadily gaining grounds but is yet to match App Store. However, one significant advantage of Android Market apps is that that the Android OS is open source and the technology is designed to be extended by an active community. Other app stores are far away from App Store and Android Market.

Brand Name: Apple has considerably become a brand which creates trust and an emotional attachment. This attachment then causes the consumers to decide about the product. Lately, Apple has also become the world’s most valuable brand according to a study published by global research agency Millward Brown.

Apple’s brand value jumped 84 per cent to $153.3 billion, driven largely by the company’s success with the iPad and iPhone 4, the study found. According to Millward Brown, brands’ values were determined by a mix of factors, which included future earnings (discounted to their present-day values) and in-depth consumer surveys. Apple’s revenues are bigger than Nokia, Samsung or Sony’s mobility business.

Operating System: Lately, iOS 5.0 and its features were announced on June 6 at the WWDC 2011 keynote address. The new operating system comes with iCloud service and the Notification Center, as well as improvements to native apps such as Camera. Moreover, the new operating system has more than 200 new features. In fact, the operating system of Apple is a mobile operating system that was already years ahead of anything else before Android could even make its move.

Many users were upset with iOS notification feature but that will change as iOS 5 will arrive with cutting-edge notifications, messaging and cable-free connectivity. It is, however, noticeable that Apple has borrowed few features from Android most notably like Cloud Synchronization, Notification Center, Over-the-air updates, Photo sharing and Twitter.

Other features include iMessage, system wide twitter integration, quick camera access, photo editing tools, advanced reminder system.

Carriers: The iPhone 5 is expected to feature international support as the consumers will be able to use the device on a GSM network around the world which will benefit world travellers. The iPhone was selling well even before it reached the carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

With the launch of the Verizon iPhone earlier this year, it seems more like than ever that Apple will support the carrier’s 4G network. As Verizon has the prospective to reach more than 100 million people with 4G network, most reports suggest Apple will capitalize on that and bring 4G connectivity to the next Verizon iPhone.

Design: When it comes to the iPhone, Apple has always updated the design of their smartphone each year. Designers Michal Bonikowski and Antoine Brieux have played it safe with the design of the new iPhone. iPhone 4 and Apple’s original iPad looks very similar in terms of design.

The iPad 2 which was launched this year with aluminum back-panel with white frame was thinner and lighter when compared to original iPad, and hence the probability of iPhone 5 sporting an aluminium back-panel along with thinness is a certain prospect.

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