An attack by Islamic State militants early on Monday in a village north of Baghdad killed 17 people and injured 54 others, according to media reports.

The attack, which was reportedly carried out with gunboats and a car bomb, took place in the riverside town of Dhuluiya, about 45 miles north of Baghdad. The attacker drove his explosives-laden Humvee into the gathering of a major Sunni tribe called the Al-Jabour, which has sided with Iraqi forces in their battles against Islamic State, Associated Press, or AP, reported.

Most of the people killed in the pre-dawn attack were civilians, according to reports.

The attacks on Dhuluiyah -- which was under the control of Islamic State, or ISIS, for two days in July -- were reportedly met with fierce resistance by residents as well as Iraqi army soldiers. 

Meanwhile, the Iraqi army, assisted by U.S. airstrikes, managed to push out Islamic State militants attempting to capture the strategic Haditha Dam in western Anbar province.