“iZombie” star Robert Buckley has just received his brand new Xbox One S console, and he’s calling it his “perfect spooning partner.”

In his latest Instagram post, Buckley — who plays Major on the CW series — shared a pic of his new gaming console with the caption: “I finally found the perfect spooning partner. Big thanks to @blainh [Blaine Howard] & @xbox for making it happen. Swoon.”

Howard, who works as a senior public relations manager for Xbox at Microsoft, regrammed the actor’s post and wrote: “Cuddle buddies!!!!”

Buckley’s co-star Rahul Kohli also received a new Xbox from Howard. “A colossal thank you to @blainh & @Xbox for my new slim! Came on #NationalVideoGamesDay, coincidence? Yes, yes it is,” wrote Kohli on Instagram, alongside a photo of him holding his new console.

As fans know, Buckley and Kohli have bonded over video games on and off the camera. “The gaming business between Ravi and Major was taken from @RahulKohli13 & I gaming together in real life. Yep, NERDS. #iZombie,” Buckley tweeted in May 2015.

In fact, their co-star Rose McIver revealed to Zap2it at the 2015 Television Critics Association winter press tour that Buckley and Kohli helped her portray a gamer in Season 1, Episode 6, titled “Virtual Reality Bites.”

“They’re my gaming consultants,” McIver, who plays Liv on the show, said at the time. “They talk me through what you do and don’t say.”

In an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us last October, Kohli revealed that he’s playing “Uncharted” and said that Buckley should play the lead of the video game in the event it is turned into a live-action piece.

“Right now, um, I’m currently playing through the ‘Uncharted’ collection, which I think are incredible,” he said at the time. “I’m picturing Robert Buckley as the lead. I think he should play Nathan Drake. Yeah, Buckley is, you know, he’s got the action down and the chops to do it. He’s got the humor and some of the best comedy timing I’ve seen in an actor. I’m forcing him to dress up as Drake for Halloween. And I will then take pictures so I can further prove how good a casting choice he is.”

Aside from “Uncharted,” Kohli added that he’s also playing some “Star Wars” beta, “Battlefront” beta and EA Sports games.

“iZombie” Season 3 will debut at midseason on The CW.