President Obama and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer sparked controversy with the picture of a close, seemingly heated conversation between them on the tarmac on Wednesday, right after the president landed outside Phoenix.

Shortly after President Obama stepped out of Air Force One and greeted the governor, she handed him a letter, which was followed by the uncomfortable photographed moment when Brewer pointed her finger towards Obama's face.

Brewer claims she had only wanted to show the president a little bit of hospitality and had even thrown in a handwritten note to thank him for visiting. In the note, she supposedly said that she wanted to sit down with the president, buy lunch and talk about the state of Arizona's economy.

According to Brewer, everything would have gone well but Obama was disgruntled about the way he was portrayed in Brewer's book, Scorpions for Breakfast.

In the book, Brewer described a White House meeting that she had with Obama, regarding issues that they disagree on. The meeting was reportedly about Arizona's tough illegal immigration laws.

When asked if she had perhaps had jumped to the wrong conclusion about Obama's feeling on the book, in an interview with Fox News, Brewer responded:

The bottom line is the book is factual. The book is true. I want our borders secured. I want our nation protected. He wants amnesty. We'll never going to agree on that. So I don't know why he was surprised by my book. He evidently is and thin-skinned in regards to it.

Brewer did not confirm whether President Obama actually stated that he didn't like the book, or took offense, but she pointed out that he just reacted in a very negative manner of which took me back, kind of left me breathless to tell you the truth.