Jennifer Aniston has been known since her Friends days as a trendsetter.

I mean, who did not ask for The Rachel hair cut back in the 90s?

But nowadays it seems as if Aniston is more risque these days - choosing plunging necklines and leather over floral prints and loose fits.

On Oct. 17 she was recognized at Elle's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute in L.A. and wore a plunging, gunmetal, sparkinling mini dress. All eyes were certainly on her.

Gone is the girl next door and in her place is a refined rebel.

Maybe it all began after her notorious divorce from Brad Pitt in 2005.

How could a girl not feel (and start to look) a little more jaded?

Back when she was married, she opted for subtler, more casual looks.

Now, with her new boyfriend Justin Theroux, Aniston is holding nothing back. She is embracing trends like motorcycle boots, chunky jewelry, and skimpier dresses. And, of course, she makes sure to show off that hot body of hers.

It is style evolution. Only the strong survive.