A US Court convicted William Balfour, who also happened to be Jennifer Hudson's former brother-in-law for the 2008 killing of Hudson's family members. Balfour has been found guilty of the murders and a jury in Chicago convicted him on 3 counts of first degree murder and sentenced him to life in prison.

Convicted in May for killing hudson's mother Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and and seven-year-old nephew Julian King, William Balfour's trial was under the jury's deliberation from the last 3 weeks.

According to a report in BBC news, because the case was filed in the Illinois court, Barfour got a life sentence as the state of Illinois does not allow a death penalty.

Prosecutors argued that Balfour shot at the family members after Hudson's sister, and Balfour's estranged wife Julia Hudson refused to reunite with him.  

Jennifer Hudson, who was present at the sentencing hearing has attended every hearing so far and was also the first witness to be called to give a testimony in the case. She appeared emotional after the hearing and refused to comment or speak to the media. The Hollywood star later released a statement where she thanked God for bringing the criminal to justice.  

Cook County's Attorney Anita Alvarex and Hudson's lawyer told the AFP, This was a vicious, cold-blooded, inhuman execution of three people, including a seven-year- old boy who just happened to be home from school. She added that, This verdict cannot bring back their loved ones but we hope it brings them some closure.