John Cusack was joined by a very special guest at Monday's Los Angeles premiere of his new film The Raven.

The 45-year-old actor walked the red carpet with Suge the black raven, who showed up just in time for photos with the film's other stars, Alice Eve and Luke Evans. Director James McTeigue was also on hand for the festivities.

The Raven, which has already been released in the UK, tells the fictional story of Edgar Allan Poe's last days, which include a chase after a serial killer, much like the characters in his famous tales. Cusack plays Poe.

The dark film is far cry from Cusack's Say Anything days, and even his 2010 time-travel love letter to the '80s Hot Tub Time Machine, which fared well at the box office and with critics.

I guess people like 'Hot Tub Time Machine,' don't they? It's culty. I do culty well, Cusack told New York Magazine in a recent interview.

[The Raven] isn't 'The King's Speech' . . . people challenging the conceit of the movie don't know Poe that well. He wrote highbrow, esoteric poetry, but also lowbrow pulp for a Saturday-evening paper. He'd do cliffhangers. He'd have outrageous things like orangutans coming out with razor blades. It was horror, he added.

Cusack has another reason to celebrate this week. On Tuesday afternoon, the actor who always wears back (most of the time) will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actor will be joined by his sister Joan Cusack, friend Jack Black and producer/director Joe Roth.

Cusack is the 2,469th star to be awarded with a place on the walk of fame.

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