One-time presidential candidate and former Democratic Senator John Edwards suffers from a heart condition which led a judge on Friday to delay his trial on charges of violating campaign finances laws.

The 58-year-old requested the trial be delayed two months because of an unexpected illness. Documents filed by Edwards in a Greensboro, N.C. federal court were lacking in specifics about the ailment, though District Judge Catherine Eagles discussed a heart condition before delaying the trial until March 26.

The public has an interest in a speedy trial, and this case has already been continued twice, Eagles said. Ordinarily, I would try to manage something like this. But clearly there are some limitations on Mr. Edwards due to real and serious health issues.

Two letters from a cardiologist were submitted stating Edwards suffered from a life-threatening heart condition that will require surgery in February. The exact condition and type of surgery remained in sealed court documents.

The former North Carolina Senator was present for the hearing, reportedly appearing to be fine, according to the Associated Press.

The trial was scheduled to being Jan. 30. Edwards faces six felony and misdemeanor counts alleging he used more than $900,000 in campaign contributions during his 2007 presidential bid to hide an affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter.