Singer Sonu Nigam's 4-year-old son Nevaan Nigam has sung the modified version of Tamil movie star Dhanush's recent YouTube blockbuster Kolaveri Di.

The modified lyrics of the new version go, Handla glass-u, glass la milk-u, milk-u colour white-u/Empty glass-u, mamma come-u, give me milk-u dear-u.. Hence, this is the milk version of Kolaveri Di that also features Sonu Nigam along with his wife Madhurima in a studio.

The original Kolaveri Di song, which was uploaded Nov. 16, is still a rage in YouTube with 16,127,220 hits (as of 11:40  Monday IST). Nevaan's version was uploaded Sunday and it has already got 28,576 hits (as of 11:40 Monday).

Meanwhile, people are commenting on Twitter, admiring the 4-year-old's voice.

I just watched Sonu Nigam's son, Nevaan Nigam singing 'Kolaveri Di' via @YouTube. He's so cute! :), Twitter user Anoop Abraham posted.

'Kolaveri Di' featuring Nevaan Nigam (Sonu Nigam's son) He is so cute! Our Future Superstar, wrote another Twitter user.

Watch the video below. You would love cute Nevaan and his expressions while singing the song.