Lady Gaga leaked the music video for "Yoü & I," the latest single off her album "Born This Way." Released to fans via Twitter, the video (below) for the country music-inspired song has many of Gaga's typical video-elements, such as outrageous couture fashion, semi-clothed men, movie references and intense, choreographed dance scenes.

The video takes place in Nebraska, mostly in a corn field, but also in a barn, which might be owned by a mad scientist. Parts of the song are autobiographical, and Gaga sings about working hard for six years and the successes she's struggled for. She also dresses like a mermaid and sits in a bathtub.

The video also features Gaga's male alter ego Jo Calderone, sitting on a piano while the real Gaga plays. But perhaps stranger than two Gagas, with one in drag spitting in a field, is the yellow lipstick she wears.

Lady Gaga is more than a singer. She is an icon. The pop musician is known not just for her songs, but also for her outrageous fashion, music videos, and recently, her politics.

Gaga continues to change her image while maintaining a mysterious integrity. She is one of the most popular contemporary artists in the world and she has traveled the globe performing and meeting dignitaries.

She has the second most watched video in YouTube history, just one spot behind Justin Beiber. But, all of her music videos have tens of millions of views, if not hundreds of millions. A new Lady Gaga video is an event that fans wait for with bated breath.

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