The Los Angeles Lakers might be on the verge of some major deals with the Thursday 3 p.m. trade deadline quickly approaching.''s Alex Kennedy went on Twitter to announce a trade that Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley is headed to Los Angeles.

Kennedy posted on Twitter: Sources confirm: Lakers, Wolves and Blazers discussing three-team deal. Michael Beasley to LA, Jamal Crawford to MIN, Steve Blake to POR.

Adrian Wojnarowksi of Yahoo! Sports has also reported about the possible deal. On Twitter Wojnarowski posted: Portland's talks with Minnesota for Jamal Crawford are part of a 3-way scenario with Lakers, source says. Michael Beasley would go to LA.

The Lakers previously had a deal in place for Beasley for just a first round draft pick, but the club backed away because they didn't want to take on the $12.4 million it would cost to acquire him based on his $6.2 million deal. (The Lakers pay luxury tax which means they would have to pay twice as much for a player.)

But the sting of Beasley's contract won't hurt L.A. as much since the Lakers would be dumping Blake's $4 million contract.

How done this deal is remains to be seen. A. Sherrod Blakely of cited sources in February that power forward Rasheed Wallace had signed with the Lakers, and it has yet to happen.

The Lakers are reportedly still interested in a bigger fish: Dwight Howard.

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated disclosed that Howard is not keen on playing for the Lakers, according to his close friends. But the Lakers and Magic are still discussing a possible deal involving Andrew Bynum, with the hope Howard changes his stance.

Bynum contends that he is staying put in L.A., but if the Magic can't move Howard, who is a free agent this summer, talks will likely heat up.

Howard is also rumored to be heading to the Knicks, Nets, or Bulls.