Want to make an old-fashioned that Don Draper would approve of? Google can help you with that. On Thursday, the search giant rolled out a new feature that shows how to make just about any drink you can think of.

Just type the name of your favorite cocktail into Google search and it will show all the ingredients you'll need, recommended garnishes, step-by-step recipe directions -- even the most appropriate glass for the drink. The cocktail recipe cards are the latest expansion to Google’s Knowledge Graph, a feature that displays relevant facts about a topic alongside its standard search results. And it’s one of the many things the company is trying to do to attract more users, especially on mobile, where apps dominate, according to ComScore.



Since its introduction in 2012, Knowledge Graph has expanded to bring more facts, figures and relevant information to users' fingertips, data that can be found on Wikipedia and a number of other sources. The list of information it can deliver is constantly growing, such as health information, which was rolled out to Knowledge Graph last month. And if you're looking for food to go with your drink, Google can also display various recipes and nutrition facts.

Knowledge Graph is one of many "answer engines" in development by Google and other search providers, such as Wolfram Alpha and Ask Jeeves.