Lil Kim is notorious for her shocking songs and brazen attitude, but when she attended the L.A. Pride 2012 festival in West Hollywood it was her face, not her lyrics, that had fans shocked.

Lil Kim showed off a drastically different-looking face when she took to the stage to perform during L.A. Pride. Is it a case of plastic surgery gone wrong?

Overall, this an example of plastic surgery gone bad, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garo Kassabian of Lift MD Aesthetics Beverly Hills, who has not treated the rapper, tells It looks like she had a brow lift from top to bottom, leaving her brows looking uneven and also a nostril reduction.

Kassabian also commented on the lopsided look Lil Kim's face has taken.

It looks as though her lower lip on the left side is not working well, the plastic surgeon told It looks like her lips are thinner than before. It's possible that she had a lip reduction performed.

The 37-year-old rapper, who continues to feud with fellow female hip-hop star, Nicki Minaj, looks dramatically different than she has in years' past.

Her cheeks appeared extremely puffy, suggesting she has had cheek implants, and the result made her face appear much rounder. Curiously Kim's lips looked considerably smaller than they have in the past, noted the Daily Mail.

Fans took to Twitter to lament over the rapper's new look. 

I'll never understand why lil Kim destroyed her natural beautyI always thought she was beautiful! tweeted user Flaws&All. 

LMAO Lil Kim had a plastic surgery on her face? Why try so hard to be like Nicki...ure 37! Ur time don pass, tweeted user NickyMandy. 

Lil Kim's Bought a new Face!! tweeted Pete Deep. 

Back in March, the Orange County Register commented on Lil Kim's face, noting that plastic surgery could be behind her changing looks.

Check out the following slideshow of Lil Kim over the years.