How much worse can bad get? In the news for all the wrong reasons, Lindsay Lohan has done it again!

The New York Post reports that Lohan and her friends were initially refused entry to the Marc Jacobs event at the Dream Downtown hotel during New York Fashion Week on Thursday, but then she called the hotel's owner, Vikram Chatwal, who arrived to walk Lohan and her friends into the event in person.

But that was not it. The drama continued as the security guards approached Lohan and told her that she was not welcome at the party and escorted her outside. This prompted the besieged actress to leave the place and she headed straight to another fashion event in the same hotel.

A representative for the star refused to comment on the reports, insisting he had no knowledge of either of these incidents as he was unable to reach Lohan for clarification, according to

This incidence comes just a week after Lohan hit the headlines following accusations of tossing a drink over a photographer at a V Magazine bash for Fashion Week. The drink hit a cocktail waitress, according to The Cut.

Lindsay did not throw anything at anyone, plain and simple. Making up stories about Lindsay has become a pastime for many people, said her spokesperson, denying the allegation.

Last month, Lohan sued Pitbull over the lyrics of the hit party song Give me Everything. Lohan was furious over a line in the song:  I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.

Earlier this year, she was jailed for shoplifting a necklace.