Actress Lindsay Lohan attends a probation violation hearing at Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles November 2, 2011. A Los Angeles judge on Wednesday ordered the troubled actress to return to jail for 30 days because she violated her probation on a theft charge earlier this year and a 2007 drunken driving charge. (PHOTO: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)

Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 30 days of jail, after a court hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner on Wednesday.

The 25-year-old troubled actress is to also complete the remainder of her community service hours at the LA County Morgue, TMZ reports.

Judge Sautner delivered the sentence at the LA County Court, noting that Lohan is prohibited from carrying out her sentence via house arrest.

The sentence comes just two weeks after Lohan and Sautner met at the same courthouse, where the actress was handcuffed in style - wearing a Fendi dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and a Chanel purse.

At the Oct. 19 hearing, Sautner questioned Lohan on her absence from her then community service duties at the Downtown Women's Center in LA. Lohan was reassigned to the American Red Cross, before Sautner reassigned her again to the LA County Morgue.

As for her 30 days of jail, Lohan will serve only 20 percent of the sentence (6 days), the Sherrif's Department confirmed to TMZ.

Sautner gave Lohan a precise schedule regarding the remainder of her probation.

If Lohan does not complete her morgue duties and psychotherapy sessions by Mar. 29, 2012, the Mean Girls actress will be sent directly to jail for a whopping 270 days.

According to TMZ, Lohan appeared to be relieved and happy as she walked out of court on Wednesday, whispering Thank God under her breath. Previous reports indicated that Lohan would face a possible 18 months of jail time.

Her fashion style was no different from her Oct. 19 hearing, as the young star showed up in a vintage blue and white polka dot dress, Zanotti shoes and sunglasses.



Actress Lindsay Lohan attends a probation violation hearing at Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles November 2, 2011. (PHOTO: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)

In April, Lohan was sentenced to 480 hours of community service after pleading no contest to stealing a necklace from a store.

In the last several weeks, Lohan has taken her court and community service frustration to Twitter and her personal Who Say account, asking for the public to back off.

I just want it to be known, that just because I was not followed&photographed during the times I've gone to community service, does NOT mean that I wasn't following my obligations (by going) to the court, she wrote on Oct. 19.

Lohan has also been under fire for her decaying teeth, after unflattering photographs of a recent red carpet event stormed the Internet.

Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom . . . My gums are so sore though! she wrote on Oct. 29, attaching a photo of her smiling with her pearly whites.

On Wednesday, following Lohan's jail sentence, her father Michael Lohan's prison minister spoke to the press.

He asked me to come in for spiritual support for his daughter . . . we pray that Lindsay will find her way. We say the same prayers for Michael. Michael wants the best for Lindsay, Marty Angelo said to a sea of reporters and photographers.

Fittingly, a Support Lindsay sign was being carried around the court house parking lot by an unidentified man in a leather jacket during Angelo's statement.

Lohan has one week to surrender herself to jail.

Watch a clip of Lohan's Nov. 2 court hearing below, courtesy of TMZ.