Lindsay Lohan, who received some harsh criticism for her Saturday Night Live performance last weekend, was set to portray Marilyn Monroe in a skit that was cut from the show, reported TMZ.

The sketch was said to feature Mad Men star Jon Hamm as JFK and Andy Samberg as Rick Santorum. The performance was supposed to portray a spoof of birth-control rights issues, with Santorum (Samberg) vomiting in response to Monroe's (Lohan) revelation that she is on the pill.

The scene was ultimately scrapped from the show due to time constraints, after making it all the way though the rehearsal process.

Other skits that the actress starred in included a mock Desperate Housewives scene featuring the Disney princesses, The Psychic Awards in which Lohan acted as an awards show trophy girl, and a B108FM with Lohan portraying a radio talk show host.

The Twitter community slammed the former blonde's performance, with some jabbing at her appearance questioning whether or not the star endured plastic surgery.

And this isn't the first time Lohan has likened Monroe. In her most recent Playboy cover, which leaked across the Internet, the movie star resembles the 1950's sex symbol actress.

For those who missed last Saturday's show, check out the clip below.