The Mexican-American stand up comedian Louis C.K. makes a living by saying whatever he wants. Yes. probably that's what he should do, considering his profession.

Louie is set to return for its second season premiere Thursday night. What viewers can expect? A more comfortable Louis C.K. and longer scripted segments.

Season 1 was the first time that Louis C.K. did a show in this particular format; this season feels like we really got our groove down, he told in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter this week at Louie's Hollywood premiere. After Season 1 worked, he was more comfortable to continue to explore, grow and expand the series.

We got better at producing and I got better at directing, Louie C.K. said.

In this season, viewers can expect guest starts like Joan Rivers and F. Murray Abraham. Louis C.K. says that the scripted segments were more ambitious this year and that the series is also expected to hit foreign country.

He didn't say anything about the exact location but only said, out in the desert in a crazy place, and a lot of messed up things happen.

The order of episodes reportedly jumps around a bit this year, too.

Thursday's premiere was the next-to-last episode filmed and came to the stand-up comic just before production wrapped for the season, according to the report.

It introduces two characters who you'll feel like will be part of the series but you never see them again, he said.

The second season of Louie will premiere on Thursday at 10:30 p.m. on FX.