Amber Hunter isn't playing any games when it comes to finding out more information on Miles Brock's romance with Milan Christopher. In episode 7 of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," Miles came out as a gay to Amber after lying to her for years about his sexuality. Miles also confessed that he was in a relationship with Milan, which prompted his ex-girlfriend to go searching for answers.

In Monday's episode, titled "A Done Deal," Amber confronts Milan during his studio session to ask him how long he's been dating Miles. Milan explains that he and Miles are in love and they’ve been a couple for two years.

Amber is shocked, but she and Milan end their conversation by hugging. Meanwhile, Amber meets up with Teairra Mari and Moniece Slaughter and tells them about Miles coming out as gay.

Also during the episode viewers see more of Willie Taylor's struggle to get out his contract with an indie record label and start his solo career. The former Day26 singer meets with Omarion, who found success as a solo artist after leaving B2K, and asks for advice on the best way to transition from being in a group to pursuing a music career by himself.

Omarion explains that it's going to be rough in the beginning but tells Willie to persevere. After their discussion, Willie decides that he has to do whatever is necessary to get out of his contract. When Willie's wife Shanda Taylor questions the singer about the situation with the contract, he lies and tells her he already handled it.

Because Willie didn't tell his wife the truth, he's even more desperate to get out of the contract and decides to let Screwface manage him in exchange for Screwface working with his old team to have the contract thrown out.

Meanwhile, Shanda pops up at the studio to surprise her husband and take him out to lunch to celebrate him getting out of the contract, but she runs into Screwface who accidentally tells her that Willie is still locked into his old contract. Shanda realizes her husband lied to her and leaves the studio upset. Toward the end of the episode viewers see Shanda at a strip club. She wants to start dancing again as a way to make money, even though Willie told her he absolutely doesn't want her stripping anymore.

While Willie and Shanda are dealing with their issues, Moniece is happy things with her boyfriend Rich Dollaz are going great but is annoyed that she doesn't get along with her mom Marla.

Moniece and her mom have been trying to mend their mother-daughter relationship, but it's a bumpy road. Moniece is mad at her mom for never supporting her, while Marla wants to know what she can do to make things better.

Also during Monday's episode, Teairra goes under the knife to get full-body liposuction. Teairra wants the surgery because she needs to lose weight before her and Nikki Mudarris' fashion show in a few weeks, but Nikki is worried Teairra won't recover in time.

Hazel-E tells Nikki she'll step in and help plan the event but wants to bring Princess Love -- who's launching a swimsuit line -- onboard for a collaboration. Nikki is hesitant about the idea because she knows Teairra and Princess don't get along but eventually agrees to it.