Episode 6 of "Teen Mom OG" ended on a low note with the loss of original cast member Maci Bookout. Despite her dramatic exit due Farrah Abraham’s surprise return to the show, Maci and her boyfriend Taylor McKinney made their grand return in Season 5, episode 7. 


“I thought a lot about it and I came up with a solution,” Maci said. “We are filming, but Bentley is not filming.” 

Maci revealed she did not think it was “appropriate” for Bentley, her 6-year-old son she shares with ex fiancé Ryan Edwards, to be on the show because of Farrah’s lifestyle. As most “Teen Mom” viewers are aware, Farrah starred in a 2013 sex tape “Backdoor Teen Mom."

“Whenever I signed up to this season, the agreement was she was not going to be a part of the show,” Maci told Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry.

While Maci was not thrilled about Farrah’s return, she was able to joke about her upset on Monday's episode.

“If I did porn, would you still film if I was on it?” Ryan asked Maci.

“Well, no,” Maci responded with a laugh. 

“Ryan and Taylor,” Larry joked. “Maci’s baby daddies?” Jen jokingly suggested as a potential porno title.

“I don’t know we should see about it,” Maci responded, tearing with laughter. “I feel like there is a lot of money there to be had."

Despite poking fun at the idea of starring in a sex tape with Ryan and Taylor, Maci made it clear that she is serious about moving on from Ryan. When asked by a pal when she wants to tie the knot with Taylor, Maci, who at the time was in her second trimester of pregnancy with their baby girl Jayde, said “four months ago.”

“He knows that I would have rather been engaged or married before we were pregnant," she said. "I would prefer to be planning a wedding right now. I feel like there is no point in waiting.”

Thankfully for Maci, Taylor revealed his plan to give her a ring before the baby comes when discussing his future with his pals later in the episode.


Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were settling into parenthood with their daughter Nova. Despite enjoying their time with their new baby, the couple took the time to reminisce about their first daughter, Carly, who they gave up for adoption on "16 and Pregnant."

“I’m just thankful we get to take her home,” Catelynn said through tears while holding Nova.

Catelynn, who claimed Nova and Carly are indentical in appearance, also shared her desire for the two sisters to one day have a relationship. “Her and Carly might be super close,” she said. 

And while Nova, who was born Jan. 1, may look like Carly's twin, Catelynn said she wants to make sure her daughter doesn't feel slighted. “We don’t want Nova to as feel she is a replacement child… We want to make sure she feels like her own person,” she said.


Farrah Abraham headed off to Las Vegas, leaving Sophia at home in Texas. After arriving on the West Coast, Farrah received an offer to film a family therapy television pilot with her mom, Deborah, in Los Angeles. The pair accepted the offer and agreed to meet in Hollywood to film the series. But before Deborah could make a cameo, Farrah introduced Simon, her new furniture-making, house-flipping boyfriend, to viewers.

After arriving in LA, Farrah introduced Simon to her mom. Despite her fears the meeting may not go as planned, the trio appeared to get along swimmingly.


Despite only making his first appearance on "Teen Mom OG" one week ago, Amber's relationship with a fellow recovering drug addict, Matt Baier, moved fast. On Monday's episode, Matt asked Amber's daughter Leah-- whom she shares with ex fiancé Gary Shirley-- for permision to marry her mom. After Leah and Amber's family gave their stamp of approval, Matt popped the question at a restaurant.

"We have done alot of messed up s--t in our life.. I really, really, really like to do something right for once. I'd like you to marry me," Matt said. "I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I've been engaged before but I never took it serious," Amber said. "I'm taking this serious, which is scary."

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