Season 5 of MTV’s original “Teen Mom” series  -- now titled “Teen Mom OG" -- premieres Monday. Before viewers catch up with moms Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell, take a look back at their original “16 and Pregnant” episodes. From baby daddy drama, to fights with their parents, you may be shocked to learn how far the four ladies have come!


On the premiere episode of “16 and Pregnant” in 2009, MTV viewers watched as Maci, then 16, prepped for the arrival of her baby boy Bentley with then-fiancé Ryan Edwards. In the episode, the self-described “total overachiever” and dirt bike fanatic finished her senior year of high school, despite her ever-growing baby bump. While she continued to get an education, her relationship with Ryan – a diesel mechanic -- suffered.

Despite moving in together and the arrival of their child, the couple failed to make their romance work when it was made clear that Ryan was more interested in partying than child-rearing. Throughout four seasons of “Teen Mom,” Maci and Ryan continued to struggle with their relationship. After breaking up and making up several times – all while Maci was trying to earn a journalism degree -- Maci eventually moved on to boyfriend Kyle King. Meanwhile Ryan found love with fitness model Dalis Connel. Both relationships failed to move forward, but Maci eventually found love.

In “Teen Mom OG,” Maci will show off her new boyfriend Taylor McKinney. Viewers will also be introduced to her new baby bump as well. She is due to welcome their baby girl in June. The couple has plans to get married in the near future.


Amber was 17 when she lost her virginity and became pregnant with her then-21-year-old boyfriend Gary Shirley’s baby. Despite having an up-and-down relationship, the couple decided to move in together. Prior to welcoming their baby, Gary proposed to Amber with a $21 heart-shaped ring from Walmart during a romantic hotel getaway. He said he wanted to have a family and always be there for Amber and Leah. Despite Amber accepting his proposal, their marriage never came to be.

After welcoming their daughter Leah into the world, their relationship continued to struggle. On “Teen Mom” the couple had an on-again, off-again romance. After physically abusing Gary on-camera, Amber was charged with domestic violence in November 2010.

In a completely separate incident, she was arrested in December 2011 on drug possession charges. She went on to serve 18 months in prison. The former self-confessed drug addict has since written a book about her experiences titled “Never Too Late.” She is now engaged to Matt Baier.


Catelynn and her middle school sweetheart Tyler Baltierra found out she was pregnant when they were 16. Despite having a stable relationship, the couple decided it was in the best interest of their child to give her up for adoption. Their decision, however, did not sit well with their parents. During their episode, Catelynn’s mom April and Tyler’s dad Butch – who got married themselves while their kids were dating – made it clear they felt their children should not put their daughter up for adoption.

In spite of their parents' opposition, the duo did give up custody of their daughter to Brandon and Teresa. The foursome chose to engage in an open adoption and the adoptive parents named the baby girl Carly.

After an emotional goodbye at the hospital, the couple kept up to date on Carly’s life on “Teen Mom” with semi-annual visits, phone calls and letters. Despite suffering from some depression-related symptoms following their decision, the couple remained strong. On Season 1 of "Teen Mom," Tyler even proposed to Catelynn.

While the couple has yet to wed, they have since welcomed another child. On New Year's Day, the duo announced the arrival of their second daughter, Novalee Reign. Catelynn’s pregnancy announcement will be featured on “Teen Mom: OG.”


At the beginning of Farrah’s “16 and Pregnant” episode, she was 17 years old and struggling to maintain a relationship with her boyfriend Derek Underwood. While it was not addressed in the episode, Derek died two months before their daughter Sophia’s arrival.

In the installment, Farrah’s tumultuous relationship with her mother Debra came to a head after bringing Sophia back to her parents' home. In route to a car shopping outing, Debra infamously swatted Farrah on the arm for having a “belligerent, anti-Christ attitude” after her daughter called her “dumb.”

Despite originally asking her mom for help raising Sophia on “16 and Pregnant,” Farrah’s alleged lack of involvement in Sophia’s life became an issue on “Teen Mom.” After engaging in several quarrels with Debra and her father Michael, Farrah tried to separate herself from her family by attending college in Florida. Her mother wanted Farrah to leave Sophia at home with her in Iowa, but Farrah didn’t agree.

In later seasons, Farrah received breast implants. When the series concluded, she was featured on a notorious sex tape, “Backdoor Teen Mom.”

On “Teen Mom OG,” Farrah will show off her new boyfriend and her new home with Sophia in Texas.

“Teen Mom OG” premieres Monday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Check out four sneak peek videos of the new season here and watch the official trailer below: