Is Marco Rubio a twin? You no longer have to search Google to get the answer. The 2016 presidential candidate and freshman Florida senator recently answered the burning question -- ranked No. 11 on the top Google searches for Rubio -- in the video below:

The video was also posted to Rubio’s website, and the GOP presidential candidate has to try hard to stifle laughter while answering the twin question (“No, I’m not,” Rubio says.). The clip features Rubio answering other top Google searches for “Marco Rubio,” such as “Is Marco Rubio a Democrat?” (“No, I’m a Republican and I’m proud to be one,” he responds.) and “When is Marco Rubio’s Senate term up?” ("Well, it expires in January 2017, which happens to be when we’re going to swear in a new president,” he says.)

The top Google search for Rubio is, “How old is Marco Rubio?” says a Vocativ story Tuesday that explores the 15 most-searched terms for Rubio and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “I’m 43; I’ll turn 44 in a few weeks,” Rubio says. The age question was also the top search query for Clinton, who is 67.

Rubio also answers why he’s running, which is the 12th most-asked question, Vocativ reports. “I’m running for president because I think we’re on the verge of another American century and we need new leadership to get us there,” he says in the video.

After his age, the most popular questions concern Rubio’s nationality. “I’m an American of Hispanic descent,” he says. “My parents came here from Cuba in 1956.”

Rubio’s video also serves as an opportunity for his fledgling campaign to sign up volunteers. The last question he answers is “How can I work on Marco Rubio’s campaign?” which was also the 15th most-searched Google question for Rubio.

“Well, you can go to our website, That’s the easiest way to plug in to our campaign,” he says. “I hope you’ll join us.”