A woman who claimed teen sensation Justin Bieber fathered her child has made no effort to contact the singer regarding the results of a DNA test he recently took.

According to TMZ, Mariah Yeater and her lawyer have not reached out to Bieber and his team to compare his DNA with that of her baby's. Sources told TMZ that Bieber is waiting for Yeater to get her baby's DNA results ready.

Bieber reportedly took a DNA test on Friday in New Jersey.

TMZ also reported that Bieber's team is not going to settle and will not discuss settlement with his accuser and her lawyer.

The singer has also said that he will sue Yeater and her legal team once it has been made clear that he is not the father of her child.

That Yeater is yet to reach out to Bieber's legal team seems puzzling to some, as she has repeatedly said that Bieber is the father of her 3-month-old son, Trystan.

One reason Mariah Yeater and her lawyers maybe hiding is because they are trying to do damage control, Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson told HollywoodLife.com. If Mariah swore under oath that she had sexual relations with Justin Bieber and it turns out that she lied, she could face severe criminal charges resulting in jail time.

Wilson also said Yeater's team is trying to figure out their next course of action.

Mariah Yeater's lawyers are most likely trying to figure out what's the best next step to take, Wilson added. They probably didn't expect Justin to take a paternity test so soon and are completely dumbfounded.

Wilson noted that Bieber's legal team can still sue Yeater regardless of whether she reveals her baby's DNA.

Hiding makes her look guilty, but she can't hide forever, Wilson told HollywoodLife.com. She's in some pretty hot water.