A 20-year-old woman by the name of Mariah Yeater has gained worldwide attention after reportedly filing a paternity suit against Justin Bieber.

Yeater is demanding that Beiber take a paternity test to scientifically confirm he is the father of her three-month-old baby, who she says was conceived a year ago after a Bieber concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., according to a lawsuit reportedly obtained by Star magazine.

According to the upcoming Star magazine report, in a hand-signed affidavit, sworn under the penalty of perjury, Yeater told a California court that Bieber propositioned her on October 25 of last year, when she was 19. The pair had a sexual tryst after his concert and backstage at L.A.'s Staples Center, it's alleged in court papers.

Justin Bieber's publicity team is aggressively denying the allegations, and Bieber's fans have taken to Twitter to give his alleged mistress a piece of their mind. By the looks of the Twitter outpouring,  Beliebers are not beliebing Yeater's story.

(IBTimes does not understand why such a high percentage of tweets make reference to Barack Obama and Michael Jackson. We are eager for any insights from readers.)

Here's a sample of the Belieber Twittersphere:

@ShalynnTan98 OMG Mariah Yeater is pregnant with justin's baby!?!? That means I'm a Unicorn King living in Unicorneo with Dora!! :D

@BieberPetals Mariah Yeater says she is carrying Justin Bieber's child. Well then Barack Obama is white and Michael Jackson is still alive. -.-

@Laliishka Mariah Yeater is pregnant with Justin's baby. Be right back, I think MJ is outside my house alive moonwalking...

@WawBeliebers yeah Mariah Yeater is pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby michael jackson just told me that

@AwwwwBieber If Mariah Yeater is pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby, I'm a flying cat. #getreal

@CantBeliebIt Mariah Yeater, having orgasms while listening to 'Baby' does not mean that Justin got you pregnant. Go somewhere.

@iJustinTweet Mariah Yeater is pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby. Yeah, and I'm a flying giraffe.

@JustinHasSwag31 Dears Mariah Yeater, grow up and get a life, you messed with the wrong fan base

@serinebieber we hate you Mariah Yeater and you know why!!

@Mariaaa143 Yep....everyone should kill mariah yeater. dumb c-nt.

@ShahnazAurora dear mariah yeater, .......3 words. go. kill. yourself.

And again with the Michael Jackson references:

@swiftlybeliebn @JustinBieber Mariah Yeater is not my lover she is just a girl who says i am the one, but the kid is not my son (8)

[For those of you born before Justin Bieber, that's a reinterpretation of the lyrics to Billie Jean.]

Earsucker.com has posted a grainy photo purportedly of Mariah Yeater.

Do you belieb her?