Juan Manuel Marquez once famously wore a t-shirt that read We Were Robbed and Marquez Beat Manny Pacquiao Twice through the streets of the Philippines.

Perhaps he will wear another t-shirt that is more inflammatory based on the result of Saturday's fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao defeated Marquez in a majority decision, but there are many who feel that Marquez won the fight, and Marquez is one of them. There was a chorus of booing in the arena after the decision, as many believed that Marquez didn't get a fair shake.

The Los Angeles Times scored the fight, 115-113, for Marquez. The Associated Press had it 114-114.

FOX Sports was not diplomatic, scoring the fight 118-110 for Marquez, and describing Marquez's performance as superb and incredible, as well as an absolute clinic.

According to Boxingtoday.com, which gave the headline Marquez Robbed of Win Against Pacquiao, there was a key point from Pacquiao's corner. In Round Seven, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach told his fighter, We're losing.

Perhaps those were words that were meant to inspire his boxer, but Roach had been announcing a knockout for Pacquiao for several weeks, so his admission seems out of character.

In the end, Pacquiao didn't feel he lost.

He was ready for my punches, Pacquiao said, after the fight. I thought I blocked a lot of his punches.

At the moment, Marquez seems to be a sympathetic figure. He fought Pacquiao three times, and his best result was a draw. The third installment was extremely close, and perhaps the most competitive of the three bouts. Not only was Marquez not knocked down as in the other fights, he was in no danger to be knocked down.

It was clear Marquez was upset with the decision, as he left the ring early. He may not have many fights left, and he hinted of retirement.

It is a robbery and of the two robberies I have had against him, this one is the more terrible, Marquez said, in his locker room. I was the one with the clearer punches and I won again. The audience protested because they knew that I won again. It is difficult to fight against a fighter and two judges as well.

Marquez earned $5 million for the fight, while Pacquiao took home $22 million.

Curiously, there hasn't been a comment on Floyd Mayweather's Twitter feed in several hours, and it has not mentioned the Pacquiao-Marquez fight.