BioWare will be hosting a special contest for Mass Effect 3 players this weekend, making this the third consecutive event from the sci-fi franchise's developer. Gamers will be taking on the challenge of promoting their multiplayer characters as part of Operation Raptor.

While powering through the co-op mode of Mass Effect 3, players undertake a series of missions with custom characters, with the goal of promoting 150,000 characters. Once a player levels up a character to the maximum at 20, they can import that character into a campaign. This increases their War Assets in the game, which is one of the factors affecting the game's overall ending.

If the operation is successful, and 150,000 total characters are promoted through the challenge, everyone receives a special bonus Victory Pack prize. Players that promote two characters will also receive a Commendation Pack. To ease the challenge a bit, gamers will receive a 10 percent XP boost to help complete missions.

However, one of the main catches is that PS3 players may be excluded from the challenge.

This operation includes PC and Xbox 360, said BioWare according to GamingBlend. We are continuing to work with Sony to enable these types of Operations to play on the PS3 platform. We appreciate your patience, and we expect an update later this week regarding Operation Raptor and PS3.

Despite the exclusion, some PS3 players are eager and ready to participate in the action.

I hope you guys can include PS3 players in Operation Raptor. I have an elite squad ready to go! one player posted on Twitter.

For those gearing up to compete in the co-op competition, here are a few tips to level up your characters quickly in multiplayer mode.

- When targeting enemies, be sure to aim for special kills such as headshots to unlock achievements. This gives you bonus points and helps you level up faster.

- Heavy enemies, such as Atlas, make for better targets when it comes to racking up points. However, be sure to preserve your firepower for the final rounds as well.

- Make sure to go after specific achievements, such as killing X enemy with Y weapon, etc.

- The little things count. Make sure you help out your teammates when they're in need. These give tiny bits of XP that come in handy.

Operation Raptor will start at 5 p.m. on Friday and run through 5 a.m. on Monday. Remember to enable the Upload Gameplay Feedback in the game's online options to participate.