What would you do if you won the estimated $640 million Mega Millions jackpot tonight?

Student loans is at the top of Twitter users minds, with Sallie Mae (formally known as the Student Loan Marketing Association) becoming a trending topic on the micro-blogging site as the Mega Millions drawing inches closer.

If I was to win the lotto.. Sallie Mae will no longer be a part of my life, I'd invest it somewhere&buy my old lady the house of her dreams, said @dopefuccn_b.

I don't even want to win all 500M, just give me enough to pay Sallie Mae, tweeted @PezDOY, whose tweet was sent before the estimated Mega Millions jackpot shot up to $640 million.

#IfIHitTheMegaMillions paying Sallie Mae would be at the top of my list so that bish can be out of my life for good!!!, said @T12Bisou.

The thought of hitting it big has also led some Twitter users to have some not-so-nice fantasies about the student loan provider.

When I win imma buy a whole bunch of dynamite and I'm blowin up sallie mae, tweeted @C_TheeBest.

I would get all the money I need to pay off my loans, transfer it into all 1's and go to Sallie Mae and throw it in her face, said @JcIsntCool.

Twitter user @FredrickThuglas said if he wins the $640 million jackpot, Sallie Mae will get the money, but the lender should not expect his student loan to be paid in full right away.

Like I said yesterday I hit the lotto I'm giving Sallie Mae the minimum monthly payment, he said.

User @Kim0Br0wn had the same idea.

#IfIHitTheMegaMillion Sallie Mae will STILL just receive her monthly Payments...Just to be EVIL! Lmaooo, she said.

Whether paying back student loans is your top priority if you win Mega Millions or not, tune in to the drawing at 11 p.m. EST.