Metta World Peace reverted back to Ron Artest for a moment after he elbowed Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden in the face during Sunday night's Lakers-Thunder game.

World Peace, a.k.a. Ron Artest, claims the elbow to the head was unintentional. Video of the incident, which has gone viral and amassed more than 727,000 YouTube views, can be seen further down in this article.

Hope James Hardin [sic] is ok..., World Peace tweeted Sunday. I just watched the replay again..... Oooo.. My celebration of the dunk really was too much... Didn't even see James ..... Omg... Looks bad.

Harden suffered a concussion as a result of the blow, according to The Oklahoman.

The Lakers won the contest, 114-106, in double overtime.

It's unclear how many games World Peace will be suspended because of the elbow, although it's likely he'll miss much of the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Artest, who attended St. John's University and grew up in the Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City, Queens, changed his name to Metta World Peace in September 2011.

Metta is going to be the first name and it means like friendship, love and kindness, Artest said at the time to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. World Peace is going to be the last name, so everybody can get ready to buy their World Peace jerseys.

The elbow incident has many basketball observers second guessing Artest's name change.

Here are five name changes Metta World Peace should consider following the James Harden elbow incident. All suggested name changes are courtesy of Twitter users, who have given their two cents on the controversy.

1. Holy Flying Elbow

Tennis star Andy Roddick coined this self-explanatory name, which has been re-tweeted across Twitter.

2. Military Industrial Complex

This name comes courtesy of the Twitter account for the sports humor and satire site

A story on the site, which resembles The Onion, says World Peace changed his name.

I am older and wiser today that I was at 31 when I changed my name to Metta World Peace. I am 32 now, the fictional version of World Peace told SportsPickle. I no longer have that naive, idealistic viewpoint of the world. True world peace is not realistic. That sounds cold, but it's the truth. There's some ugly s--- in the world. All we can do is look out for ourselves. For our own safety and wealth. That's all that matters.

3. Metta World War

A number of Twitter users suggested this name, and while simple, it reflects the current attributes of World Peace.

4. The Kony of Basketball

This one might be taking it a little too far and we doubt anyone is suggesting that Artest is comparable to Joseph Kony, the African warlord who has child soldiers protecting him and forces young girls into prostitution. This name was thought up by Twitter user @MrPhetz.

But when it comes to the basketball court, World Peace can be one of the game's most vicious players.

5. Ron Artest

Another solid choice by many Twitter users. Clearly changing his name to Metta World Peace has not changed Artest's character.