The Miami Heat may not have a new point guard, but they do have new uniforms.

The 2010-2011 Eastern Conference champions unveiled new alternate jerseys, which are devoid of deep red and orange. The new uniforms are black with white lining, and are available for purchase on the team's Web site.

The dark uniforms drew mixed reactions on Twitter, with remarks that ranged from cheeky to critical.

Apparently, they have so much heat they've burnt to a crisp, one man tweeted.

Tweeted another: The Miami Heat's new uniforms are ugly as sin. Who wants to watch a team in all black?

One woman was a fan of the new threads: I totally love the Miami Heat's new jet Black uniforms! Why didn't the Knicks think of that? So chic.

The Miami Heat is not the only city team to get new duds this year. The Miami Marlins - formerly known as the Florida Marlins - unveiled their new uniforms in November.

Fan reactions to those new uniforms were also mixed.

Tweeted one man: Hey Miami Marlins, the Houston Astros of the '80's called, they want their unis back!