The divorce battle between Michaele Salahi and her husband, Tareq, is beginning to get a lot uglier.

TMZ reported that court documents show that the former Real Housewives of D.C. has said her husband was a violent control freak and who he used psychotic scare tactic that made her fear for her physical safety.

Michaele Salahi said that's why she ran to Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

According to TMZ, Michaele Salahi claims that in the summer Tareq Salahi was used physical violence against her. Michaele Salahi reportedly noted that on Sept. 11 she returned a few hours late from running an errand and her husband turned out all the lights and waited for her in the basement.

He allegedly told her she needed a lesson in fear, according to TMZ, who reported that two days later, Michaele Salahi ran to the arms of Schon because she was scared.

Tareq Salahi has denied the allegations, telling the celebrity news site that his wife is a chronic liar and that the accusations are absurd.

Tareq Salahi has said he loved his wife and did everything to support her during their marriage.

She's a piece of work. First it was she found true love with Neil Schon [of] Journey and now that she lawyered up, they are grasping for a way out so she doesn't have to pay up her side of our financial obligations, Tareq told the Huffington Post on Dec. 23. When I spoke to Michaele yesterday, she said she didn't know her lawyer wrote those things and was sorry. ... I doubt that. She is very calculating and devious. So now, she says, after 12 years, I'm suddenly controlling or abusive ... When in fact I loved her, and did everything to support my wife and put her on a pedestal to make her a shining star. I really think Michaele thinks she's still on 'Real Housewives' and needs to create drama.