Baby Lisa's family is moving back into their home in Kansas City Tuesday for the first time since Lisa's disappearance on Oct. 4. The family's home and surrounding area has been thoroughly searched in the past month by police and the FBI.

Baby Lisa's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, as well as her two half-brothers, moved out of their home following Lisa's disappearance, reported ABC News. Authorities interviewed her two brothers last week and have reported that the conversations went well, although no new developments were made.

However, despite moving home, the Bradley-Irwin family may be further threatened. According to KMBC, Rasleen Raim, the mother of Lisa's 8-year-old half-brother, Blake, has filed for emergency temporary custody of her son. She had previously lost custody in 2008 when Irwin gained full custody.

In a statement released by her attorney Dorothy Savory, Raim claims she has concerns about her child's safety, comfort, and peace of mind due to the circumstances surrounding missing baby Lisa's disappearance. Raim also filed a motion to modify her current child custody and visitation rights.

The family drama coincides with new developments in the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin. Police are investigating a 50-second phone call made on one of three cell phones that went missing from the Bradley-Irwin home the night Lisa disappeared.

Bradley and Irwin's attorney, John Picerno, says phone records indicate that Lisa's mother's cellphone was used to make the 50-second phone call to Megan Wright, the ex-girlfriend of neighborhood handyman, John Jersey Tanko. Tanko has a criminal record and has been extensively interviewed by police. He has been known to do work around the Kansas City neighborhood and was reportedly seen that night by a neighbor near the Bradley-Irwin home.

However, Wright denies ever receiving the phone call and says she does not know Irwin or Bradley. She says the cellphone is shared by seven other people and she did not have the phone in her custody when the alleged call was made. A man came forward Monday and claims a former roommate of Wright's, Dane, had been using the shared phone on Oct. 4 that received a call from Bradley's missing cell phone.  

Police have not openly commented on the cell phones. However, Picerno told Fox News Saturday that he believes a phone call from a stolen cell phone the night of Lisa's alleged kidnapping proves her parents' innocence.

This whole case hinges on who made that call and why, New York private investigator Bill Stanton told Good Morning America. We firmly believe that the person who had that cell phone also had Lisa.

Police claim they are still looking at all possibilities, though rumors have spread that Lisa's parents are suspects, especially Bradley. Police deny the reports, but claim they would like to interview the parents away from each other.

I'm not saying they're not cooperating, Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young told Fox News. They have met some of our needs. What I've been talking about specifically is sitting down, separate from each other, to be interviewed by detectives. In regard to that, no, that hasn't happened since the 8th of October.

The case of missing baby Lisa remains a mystery that began when Lisa's father, Irwin, returned home on Oct. 4 after working overtime, to find the door open, the lights in his house on, windows tampered with and his daughter missing. Lisa's mother, Bradley, had allegedly put her daughter to sleep around 6:30 p.m. and proceeded to drink five to 10 glasses of wine before passing out around 10:30 p.m. Since Oct. 4, authorities have scoured the surrounding area following all major tips and leads, but they have found no signs of baby Lisa.

Despite developments with the missing cell phones, the investigation has hit a standstill. Police maintain they have not closed the case, but they have stopped searching the areas surrounding baby Lisa's Kansas City home, The Washington Post reported. Media attention has also slowly waned with fewer reporters waiting outside the Bradley-Irwin home requesting interviews.

We are not doing any physical field searching just to do it, Capt. Young said Thursday, reported The Washington Post. If we have another idea, thought or piece of information on where to do that, we will do it before you can blink. But we aren't going to do it just to do it. We're not going to close our eyes and start throwing darts.

Baby Lisa celebrated her first birthday Friday, but there are still no major suspects or leads in the case although over 1,200 tips have been reported and over 900 have been pursued.

We still investigate every tip we receive, nothing has changed with that,Kansas City police spokesman Darin Snapp told Reuters.

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