For fans of Google’s most famous device, the Moto G -- now in its third generation under Lenovo Group Ltd. -- there are fresh leaks of images that are purportedly of the new device. Four pictures were posted on Facebook by a group calling itself Motorola Fans.

In a separate leak, Roger Pretto, who is a Lenovo employee in Brazil according to his Google+ Page, posted a picture on Thursday, which he said was sent to him by a “friend.” The phone was a test unit according to Pretto’s friend, he said, in the post.

Moto X 2015 A photograph of what could be the new Moto X. The picture was posted by a Lenovo staffer, attributing the source as a friend, on his Google+ page. Photo: Roger Pretto/Google+ Page

The picture shows a new vertical strip -- metal in the case of the Moto X -- that integrates the camera and flash unit, and the Motorola logo dimple, one below the other, similar to the one that has been doing the rounds of tech sites in connection with the new device's design.

Motorola is expected to launch its Moto G and Moto X, both into their third iterations, at an official event on July 28, NDTV Gadgets said, in its report on these latest leaks.

The first Moto G became the most popular phone in the history of Motorola. And interest in markets such as India remains high in the brand for its smart specs and Android user experience.

The third-generation Moto G, however, is also likely to be the priciest iteration of this model if the leaks so far are to be believed, costing as much as 18,000 rupees (about $284), based on the conversion of the phone's purported price in Brazil, the NDTV report noted.