Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak may have cancer, but who can be sure?

There is evidence suggesting the three-decade leader of the Arab Republic has stomach cancer, his defense lawyer Farid el-Deeb told the Associated Press today.

But there is cause to doubt any statement on the 83-year-old's physical infirmity, especially coming from Mubarak's legal team and former inner-circle.

Mubarak is slated to stand trial in early August for corruption and the intentional killing of protestors in the uprisings that overthrew his regime earlier this year. Conviction by the judges Egypt's interim authorities could mean the death penalty.

Analysts say that alleged health concerns are being used to stall legal proceedings.

Both Egypt's Chief Coroner Sebaay Ahmed Sebaay and doctors at Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital, where the ex-president is being treated, have issued statements saying that Mubarak's heart condition make it impossible for him to go sustain his health in light of poor medical care in Egyptian prisons.

Last month, Khaled Fahmy, a professor at the American University in Cairo, and a specialist in Egyptian medical care, told the LA Times that there is some controversy surrounding medical reports precluding the accused ex-leader from doing time in jail.

According to the article Egyptians believe that as the Chief Coroner with ties to the old regime, Sebaay has been involved in a corrupt attempt to falsify reports on Mubarak's health, impeding the Egyptian people's will to bring Mubarak to justice.