Murdered veterans' advocate April Kauffman was remembered as a selfless woman during her funeral  Monday morning as detectives continued their investigation into who killed the 47-year-old New Jersey woman.

Kauffman, a 47-year-old former radio show host from, was found shot dead inside her home around 11:30 a.m. Thursday by a worker in her bedroom in Linwood, N.J., according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor's office. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

The community of Linwood and surrounding areas was shocked at the murder.

Kauffman's husband, Jim Kauffman, teared up as he recalled his wife's life as 500 people packed the Beth El Synagogue in Margate, N.J., to pay their last respects.

I was always Mr. April. I was so proud of her accomplishments, he said, according to the Press of Atlantic City. I miss you so much. I don't know what to do without you. I want to be with you soon. Love Jim.

The paper reported Jim Kauffman retained a lawyer and was fully cooperating with investigators searching for his wife's killer.

The attorney, Ed Jacobs, said it was routine for a spouse to be questioned when their significant other is killed and suspected the prosecutors' office will focus the investigation in another direction.

Any good prosecutor will first direct an investigation toward eliminating spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, Jacobs told the Press of Atlantic City. Once Dr. Kauffman is no longer speaking with the (Atlantic County) Prosecutor's Office, they will, I'm sure, move on to other phases of the investigation, Jacobs said. They can expect our complete cooperation throughout.

Police said legal guns were stashed in the Kauffmans home but the prosecutor's office would not say whether one of the firearms was used to commit April Kauffman's murder.

April Kauffman was a host on WOND-1400 AM until February and promoted the Atlantic County Toys For Kids programs and other causes on the show.

Harry Hurley, who did several radio broadcasts with Kauffman, told the Press of Atlantic City, she did the work of 100 people. She cannot be replaced. Her energy was crazy.

According to, Kauffman was involved in numerous charities, including the American Red Cross, where she was on the board of directors for the organization's Southern Shore Chapter.

Kauffman also encouraged people to donate blood.

Remember to donate blood and give generously was one of April's daily quotes, according to

But perhaps her most cherished cause was veterans' issues. Kauffman visited Washington, D.C. to highlight issues veterans face, including care for so-called wounded warriors who come back from battle with devastating injuries.

The murder of April Kauffman was a shock to the small community of Linwood, a city of 7,000 in southern New Jersey.

Donna Clementoni said she called Kauffman around two hours before she was murdered and later learned of her friend's death, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Clementoni said she could not think of why someone would murder April Kauffman, who was revered in her community.

I have no idea why anyone would do this. She's like a local legend. She's outspoken. She's like a bombshell and all she ever wanted to do was help people, Clementoni said.

Dee Capizzo said a murder in the small New Jersey town is unheard of.

Linwood's such a quiet little town, she told the Press of Atlantic City. It's a nice neighborhood, right across from the school. It's unreal. ... I had to run down here because I didn't believe it. And then I saw the (news) helicopter, and I knew something was up.