New York is midway through Fashion Week, and the event has been as glamorous as expected. Sponsored by Mercedes Benz, the show runs from Sept. 8 to 15. There is also a Fashion Week in February, rounding out the compendium of the world's major chic events along with the Fashion Weeks of London, Paris and Milan.

The celebrities have come out in style, of course, and Fashion Week has been graced with Nicki Minaj, Heidi Klum (who was judging a Project Runway event), numerous Kardashians, Anna Wintour, Lindsay Lohan and even the one-and-only Miss Piggy.

But for the true fashionista, who views Fashion Week more like a gallery opening than an afternoon window shopping, the real art is backstage, where the fashion show lives and breathes. Behind the scenes photos show the true, frenetic nature of the life of the model, and display the joy and stress of the runway better than any collection ever could.